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The Old Willis Place

No description

Kyle Kennebeck

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of The Old Willis Place

Image of the book
Copyright: 2004
V: Vocabulary- 5 vocab words.
1). Tarnished- Result of exposure of air.
2). Undeterred- Preserving with someone despite setbacks.
3). Shrank- Lesson in size
4). Tempts- Attempt to entice
5). Mellow- Free from harshness
W: Why- Why I choose this book is because I like reading about ghosts. Who drew it to me? The ghosts. How did i come across this? A friend recommended it!
X: X-Ray- The aurthors purpose is to entertain
Z: Zone- I would like to read in quiet rooms


The Old Willis Place
By: Mary Downing Hahn

G: Genre- The genre of this book is Fantasy.
H: Hooked- This book hooked me because of it being suspeneful. Like when at the end of chapter Lisa put her hands on the parlor door to let out Miss Willlis.
I: Imagry- Lisa- Pretty and about 12 years old. Diana- Long brown hair, pretty, and also about 12 years old, Georgie- Tangled hair.
J: People who would like this book- People who likes reading about ghosts.
K: Kind of Conflicts- Charcter vs. Character- When Miss Willis is chasing Georgie and Diana.
L: Lesson- Spend everytime you can with your parents casue you dont know how long theyre gonna be there.
M: Moods- Nervous and Scared and Worried.
N: Narrator- Diana and it is in 1st person point of view.
O: Opinion- My opinion I would have had Miss Willis run outside instead of upstairs to her room.
P: Protagonists- The protagonist is Diana. Shes the good person in this story.
A: Author- Mary Downing Hahn
B: Antagonists- Miss WIllis
C: Climax- When Lisa opens the parlor door and releses MIss WIllis
E: Exposititon- When Diana and Georgie are in the woods watching Mr. Morrision and Lisa move in
F: Non fiction or Fiction: FICTION

Q: Quote- My favoite quote-
"I want to see where Miss Willis died at" Lisa said.115
R: Rate- My rate is an 8. It was a good book.
S: Setting- The setting of this book is in the woods mostly, but in the trailor and Miss Willis house too.
T: Title- The Old WIllis Place.
U: Undiscovered- If the book series contiuted Diana and Georgie and Miss Willis would be not be ghosts no more because they had a proper berial.
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