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Canada's New World Order: Challenges of the New Millennium a

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anab mohamud

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Canada's New World Order: Challenges of the New Millennium a

Aboriginals Peoples: Road to Renewal

- White paper (Trudeau wanted to take away their special rights and make them “equal”)
- Residential schools sought to abolish first nations culture and to enforce assimilation
- If they were caught speaking first languages in residential schools, they would be severly punished
- Accounts of emotional and psychical abuse and in certain cases, sexual
- Several churches apologized
Our Role in Sustainable Development- Nationally and Gl o bally
"Sustainability means doing things better-not doing things without." - David Suzuki

A sustainable development depends on how we as citizens protect the environment
The understanding of environmental, social and economic influences on the way we live our lives..
Every Canadian plays a role in evolving of a sustainable development..
we realize that a healthy environment is commanding.
Canadians are between the main consumers of natural resources on earth and the proof for this is the ecological footprint..
Ecological footprint processes the demands that people place on the environment.
Canada has the largest ecological footprints in the world
considering the popuplation of the earth, we need to know how much of the earth's prosperities are accesceble to share among all of us.

Reducing Poverty
Canada's Global Commitments
Redefining Canadian Identity ; what does it mean to be Canadian?
American Assimilation
- Although Canada is an independent country, it is often times considered to be America’s “little brother”
- Heavily reliant on the United States of America for foreign trade (eg. oil)
- American government wanted Canada to cancel the Avro arrow project so they did
- Canada’s economy depends on how well America’s economy is doing since they are heavily tied in together
- Whenever something ends up very successful in Canada, it is usually then bought off by America
- Beyond the border plan (ensure working together, not just at border, to enhance security in both countries and to try to ensure economic growth and job security).
- Canada is steadily becoming more independent.
- Exports in US are down 14% while in Canada, exports to China have doubled and exports to Europe are up by 83%.

Cultural Mosaic Vs. Melting Pot
What is a cultural mosaic?
A cultural mosaic is a country that has immigrants from different backgrounds that preserve their culture while adapting to their new society.
The word ‘cultural mosaic’ actually comes from Canada, since Canada is known to be the country with the most inhabitants from different backgrounds.
What is a melting pot?
The melting pot is described as a country in which many immigrants from different countries with instead of preserving their culture they are persuaded to assimilate to their new society.
America is known or refered to the term "melting pot".
For one of our culminating activities we are going to start off with a debate. The topic that will be debated is melting pot. Here your skills will be put to the test. We will have to sides debating a for and an against. Both sides must provide as many reasonable arguments as possible (that can also be debatable). The side with the most arguments presented effectiviley by each group will claim victory!
What Next?
Canada's New World Order: Challenges of the New Millennium and Redefining Canadian Identity
By: Aatifa, Anab, Ifla, Maira, and Jawad
: The following information that's ahead requires your undivided attention. That is for those of you participating.
Cultural Mosaic
Immigration Act
In the 1970's Trudeau continued with his path for "Just Society" that he changed the policies that were under the immigration act to allow immigrants to freely enter Canada.

Just Society
: the term is based off a consensus that’s done by citizens in order for the government to achieve an equal level of fairness and justice toward the people.

There also was
3 different classes of immigrants recognized under the Immigration Act:

Family Class:
people who have been sponsored from their immediate family thereby giving them access to enter Canada.

Economic Class:
applying to Canada under their own economic terms that have come based on their skills that would prove of value when working in a skilled labor force that would bump up Canada's economy.

Refugee Class:
people who are prosecuted within their own country.

Although with the newly renewed Immigration Act seemed good it didn’t prove all that great with immigrants arriving they didn’t have housing or a job to help afford their new life in a new country. In response, immigrants fired back by public speaking out with different forms of media such as magazines, newspaper, and radio. Others formed lobby group such as the Toronto Urban Alliance on Race Relations to fight for social justice and equality.

Melting Pot
Different Points of Views
Redefining Canada: What makes us Canadians?
Justin Pierre Trudeau is a Canadian politician and the known leader of the Liberal Party in Canada.
White Paper Vs. Red Paper
How Aboriginals were treated before?
- Don’t have to pay taxes as long as they show proper identification
- Several first nations groups are given the right to self-govern
- More than half live in reserves
- Reserves are in poor conditions
- Feel that they don’t receive recognition they deserve
- Aboriginal rights are separate from those of other Canadians
- Segregation between aboriginals and Canadians
- Canada has been criticized worldwide for its incredibly poor treatment of first nations
- More than 1000 first nations people died/disappeared and the government still refuses to acknowledge that it happened, let alone investigate
- Several Inuit people were forced up north
- Significant barriers preventing aboriginals from getting proper education or job opportunities
- 2001, first nations between the ages of 15 – 24 twice as likely to me unemployed
- 2001, only 8% ages 25 – 34 completed university
- 2000, 98% schools on reserves administered by first nations
- Quality healthcare out of reach for many
- 2007, first nations forced to attend residential schools were paid a total of $1.9 billion to compensate the abuse they endured
- $ 10 000 for first year they were forced to attend, $3 000 for following subsequent amount of years

This song is called Melting Pot and performed by the band Blue Mink it reached #3 in the UK Charts and stayed at the position for up to 15 weeks. This song broadcasts and boosts the ideology of a melting pot and how everyone should be living in a melting pot.
4) Ifla sustainable development
The term "melting pot used to describe Americans was founded by an immigrant man named Israel Zangwill. The term melting pot refers to a place in which it brings different ethnic groups to assimilate into one society. A book by a historian named Carl Delger feels that the melting pot doesnt best describe America as does a salad bowl in which he states in his book that, "“[S]ome habits from the old country were not discarded; in those instances the children of immigrants even into the third and fourth generations retained their differences. In view of such failure to melt and fuse, the metaphor of the melting pot is unfortunate and misleading. A more accurate analogy would be a salad bowl, for, although the salad is an entity, the lettuce can still be distinguished from the chicory, the tomatoes from the cabbage.” Although the disadvantages are present in a melting pot it also gives a chance for people from all different backgrounds to broadcast their American story.
- Multiculturalists say that assimilation can do more harm than good by forcing minority groups to assimilate into one society.
- Multiculturalists also argue that many immigrants who assimilate are assimilating not by choice, but by force.

- Assimilationists say otherwise describing assimilation to be a benefit to both the government and its people.
- Assimilationists feel that countries that present itself as a multiculturalism country say that the "freer immigration “doesn’t fit in with the era.

Multiculturalism is a term used to describe those who live in a multicultural society.

Assimilationists is a term used to describe those who live in a society that encourages immigrants to assimilate into one culture.

• Canada was formed on July. 01st, 1867.
• The British colonies of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were left with two decisions, they could either be consumed by the developed US or they had a choice of forming their own country and be independent.
• British Columbia was also tempted to join the Canadian Union if a railway was built which would help them keep connected to central Canada. British Columbia joined Canada in 1871.
• Britain decided to give Canada most of the rest of the North and the West.

How was Canada formed?
Being a Canadian means…
• Being in a democratic society
• Independent country and every individual have the right to practice their own religion, to make their own decisions and to act upon their decisions and take action (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, equality rights).
• Two main languages, English and French
• The Quiet Revolution played a role in defining Canada.
• The French workers went on strike because of their demand for better wages and for better working conditions.
• The English speaking citizens were the owners of these businesses while the French were the workers.
• The French wanted to be independent.
• The French-speaking Quebeckers made a slogan, “Masters in our own house”.
• Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a prime minister from 1968 to 1984.
• He was favored by many Canadians and he was referred to a political ‘rock star’
• He wanted to unite Canadians through regional divide and issues.
• His vision was that everyone is equal and we all have equal opportunities.
• Canada was the first country to adopt multiculturalism as an official government policy.
• Justin Pierre Trudeau (Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau’s eldest son) is a Canadian politician and the known leader of the Liberal Party in Canada.

Canada continues to welcome immigrants from all over the country and withstanding the term "multiculturalism" It said by Dan (politician) that “Canada is future forward" with direction Canada is going sooner or later will be known as the strong nation that not only embraces immigrants from different backgrounds, but incorporates them in our daily life. We all come from different backgrounds and with a country or nation as strong as Canada we are lucky to call this place home. As far as the Americans go the term "melting pot' is referred to them occasionally. more and more immigrants assimilate into one society. There are both advantages and disadvantages for a "cultural mosaic" and "melting pot". In response to the Aboriginals they aren’t treated as well as we thought or presumed. The respect for Aboriginals has been lost along with time.With Canada today its still dependent on the U.S and it invovle with more of their conflict (such as the current crisis with Russia looking over Ukarine and the U.S interefering it feels that Canada is always on America's beking call each and every time). Canada is still continuing to redefine themselves as more of a middle power country with their own issues to attend and its not far from where Canada will be recognized as the the future forward nation.

A picture describing cultural mosaic!
What does the word "redefine" actually mean?
Redefine: to define something again or in a different manner.
Thinking Ahead: What do you think it means to be a Canadian?
A picture that describes a melting pot
Question: Why do you think Aborginals were treated so poorly and not minorites?
Question: Do you think we are assimilating into the American culture? Why or Why not?
To conlude our presentation do you think Canada continues to redefine themselves as a middle power or are we living in the shadows of the U.S?
Canada is the wealthiest country in the world
fairly small population
massive wealth of natural resources
yet a number of Canadians across the nation still suffer from poverty.
Unemployment rates are drastically rising in under developed inner-city areas
The federal government’s goal was to eliminate child poverty by the year 2000..
Children that are from low income families experience health problems and therefore cannot finish school and get an education.
The significance of government’s help include programs from both provincial and federal governments that can help in reducing the level of poverty.
These programs still don’t completely help in reducing poverty. What can be done?
There is plan in which some necessary features include; more attention on high quality childcare, inexpensive housing and living incomes for everyone, responsibility for coming governments and constant meetings.

Canada announced an additional $600 million in agriculture development over 3 years bringing the total to $1.8 billion.
Canada committed to increase Africa’s education sector from $100 million to $150 million
Humanitarian Assistance
Canada provided $100 million annually for 6 years to support humanitarian assistance and early recovery, in Sudan.

Relief Fund
Canada provided $72.35 million in relief to East Africa Drought from 2010 to 2012
Climate Change
Canada contributed $1.2 Billion for its commitment to the ‘Climate change fast-start financing’ (CCFSF) support focused on 3 priority areas: Adaptation, Clean energy, forests and agriculture.
If you were put in the position as the Prime Minister of Canada what would you do to help reduce poverty? (Hint: think of the ways that the goverment has tried to help reduce poverty)

Global Environment Facility(GEF) is one of the Government of Canada's key components to address global enviromental commitments in developing countries. The GEF addresses international environmental issues that directly affect Canadians and the Canadian environment. Since it's origin in 1991 the GEF has provided $36.1 billion for over 2,400 projects in 165 countries and has generated a substancial quantity of positive enviromental result.
White paper
- Red paper was created by Pierre Trudeau
- Attempt to fortify his “just Society”
- Would abolish “Indian Act”

Red paper
- Created in response to the White paper
- Demanded that first nations people be recognized as “citizen plus”
- Keep their current rights

Indian act
- Created segregation between native Americans and other other Canadians
- Explained their rights and disabilities
- Only registered native Americans got the “benefits” of the Indian act
- Registered Native American women who married non-native American men lost all rights

Question: Natural resources affect our ecological footprint.
True or False

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