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Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

No description

Linda Miller

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

We don't exactly know when he was born. He died on January 3, 1520
Village Claimings
More than 1 village in Portugal claims to be his home. We don't know where he came from other than that we know he came from Portugul.
Thank you!
Cabrillo was born in Spain, but we don't exactly know when he actually was born. We only for sure know when he died. Cabrillo grew up to be a famous explorer.
Thanks for reading about Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo!
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
charlotte Bjorklund
youtube video about Cabrillo
Enjoy the video!
country of Origin
Cabrillo left with 2 ships and sailed North from Mexico. He hoped to find a waterway connected to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
thanks for watchi-ng
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