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alessia matteini

on 16 May 2014

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Domus is devoted to export the new occidental trends in the new oriental markets and to kindle people’s creative genius by improving the quality of life and establishing a new modus vivendi.

To gain a dominant market position through innovation and creativity, and offer a unique quality while being economically and socially sustainable.

Industry environment
Business environment
Threat of substitutes
Threat of new entrants
Intensity of rivalry
Bargaining power of suppliers
Bargaining power of customers
Business strategy
Camilla Arco
Marie Victoire Das
Lucia La Licata
Ilaria Pastore












Few but equally balanced competitors
Not strategically diverse competitors
Low fixed costs
Differentiated products
Industry growth is slowing down

High quality and differentiated materials (beton)
No substitutes materials available
High switching costs
Interior design encompasses much more than styling or decorating.

Qualified interior design industry professionals create finished living or working spaces from basic floor plans or bare rooms.

They decide on the best furniture placement, lighting and storage options.

We use an highly innovative material: the béton
3D printers
Home designers (self-employed designers)
Low cost companies

Substitute products are less expensive
Substitute products have lower quality and inferior performance
Direct substitutes products are not available

High initial capital requirements
Proprietary technology and materials are accessible
Access to distribution channels is difficult

High level of consumer awareness (well-educated buyers)
Low switching costs
Not price sensitive customers
No standardization
Unavailable substitutes (unique material)
Customers purchase both high and low volume

Currency exchange rate fluctuations

Industry subjected to consumers' changes in preferences

Industry highly sensitive to innovation: fast changing design

Low cost design is now popular

Weak economic conditions

Enlarge in the faster growing markets: Brazil, China and India

Expand to government and banks

Strategic M&A

Advanced staff

Artist designed products

Luxury elegance

Excellence personalized products and services

Occidental oriented design

Innovative materials (béton)

Unbuilt business networks

Not environmentally oriented

Long and costly production process

Difficulties in distribution and transportation

Low brand awarness
Business definition
Domus is an interior design service for discerning, quality-conscious clients that seek assistance in their design choices for their primary residences, vacation homes, and businesses.
This experience offers personal attention through the design process and also provides design resources and products to its clients through special purchases of furniture, fabric, and accessories.

Provide highest quality interior design consulting experience possible

Innovative use of materials (béton)

Sell specially selected products to further meet client's interior design needs
The primary keys to success for Domus will be based on:
Competitive edge
Communicate to our client base through the website and personalized communication techniques

Retain clients to generate repeat purchases and initiate referrals
Build a referral network through professional contacts

Offer special order fabric that will arrive in reasonable time frame and enable to provide something very unique for each customer
First step:
Thank you for your attention!
Swot Analysis
Turnkey interior solutions

Brand identity consultation

Project management services

Multicultural team of architects and designers

Premium destination hotels and resorts throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa

International design team

Focus on the latest technology and trends

Award winning interior designer

Inspired by nature and organic elements

Specialized in luxury residential interiors
Strategy and industry beliefs
Provide bespoke solutions to meet the needs of each market sector
work (corporate world, property industry and privates) within the client's budget

Hub and spoke system
Rent high-end furniture as well as purchasing
Award winning designers
Emirates and abroad

Small portfolio of products
Difficult to reach (located in the industrial area of the city)
Low awareness

Future objectives
Create loyalty programs
Be more affordable
Industry assumptions
Positive view of the future, even if volatile industry

Competitor intelligence
Total Revenue : US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Trade Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa
71-80% export percentage
No trademarks & patents
Able to source across multiple industries

Giant and already leader in the sector
Vast geographic expansion
Excellence in product and services
Retail presence in major cities
Strong brand image and reputation

Arabic centered in style: not sensitive to new trends
Low level of innovation in product offering

Future objectives
Expand to India and Worldwide
Provide eco-luxury products

Strategy and industry beliefs (Strenghts)
European design furniture, especially Spain and Italy
Region based
Unique and dedicated products
Informed and passionate staff
Specialized designers

Small portfolio of products
Difficult to reach (mainly located in the industrial area of the city)
Low awareness

Future objectives
Be customer centered

Competitors analysis
Strategic groups
Pest analysis
Global segment
Physical environment segment
Demographic segment

Court rulings subject to review by political leadership

Non-citizens are allowed to own property only in certain areas

No income taxes nor federal-level corporate taxes

No minimum capital requirements

Time required to start a business: eight days and six procedures

Political&legal segment
GDP (PPP): $377.3 billion (AED 1.38 trillion) in 2012 with a 3.9% growth

FDI Inflow: $9.6 billion

Unemployment rate: 2.4%

Inflation (CPI): 0.7%

Interest rate: 2.25 %

National debt: $142 billion

Economic segment
Sociocultural segment
Laborforce of 3.16 million: 78% of which work in the service sector, 15% in industry and 7% in agriculture

Less than 20% of the entire working population are official UAE citizens

Highly educated workers (95% of women and 80% of man)

Average wage of unskilled worker: $150

Average wage of skilled worker (especially foreign nationals): $2.431

Technological segment
Investments in space technology: EIAST (Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology) established in 2006 by Dubai government

First in Arab world and 38 in the world, according to the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2013

R&D expenditures: $50,474,248 in 2010

0.47% of public expenditures in 2011

Increasing R&D investments of BRIC countries

Increasing economic interdependence

Higher performance standards

Higher flexibility


More than 85% of the UAE'S economy is based on natural resources export

Increase in the use of solar panels: Masdar Institute researches

Waste reduction: UAE ecological footprint initiative

High level of pollution: environmental health strategic planning project (Environment Agency–Abu Dhabi)

Geographic distribution
Largest town: Dubai with 2,106,533 inhabitants
Second one: Abu Dhabi with 1,935,234 inhabitants

Income distribution
19.5% under poverty line
less than 0.2% controls 90% of wealth concentration

Population size
4,106,427 in 2005
8,264,070 in 2010
With a 101.2% increase in 5 years

Age structure
0 - 14 years: 20.4%
15-64 years: 78.7%
65 years and over: 0.9%
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