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Boy of the Painted Cave

No description

Kim Burkart

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Boy of the Painted Cave

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapters 18
Listen to the Chapters
Boy of the Painted Cave
Chapter 6
Before we begin:
1.) What are you good at?
2. How do you fell when you are doing the thing you are good at?
3. How would you feel if people wouldn't let you do the thing your're good at?

Chapter 1: Name 2 problems or conflicts presented in Chapter 1. Predict the resolution of each.
1. Why wasn't the wolf eating?
2. Tao entered the slough (marsh.) Why was this a good idea? Why might this be a bad idea.
1. What do Tao and Ram learn to do together?
2. What decision does Tao tell Volt?
List 3 qualities that describe Tao's mother. Tao tells Kala that he has made a decision about his life. What is it?
1. Graybeard realizes that Tao has broken two taboos of his clan. What are they?
2. Which taboo doesn't he know about yet?
Chapter 7
1. What does Graybeard tell Tao about Volt?
2. Why does Graybeard cover up Tao's cave paintings?
3. What is he afraid will happen to Tao?
Chapter 8
1. What does Graybeard tell Tao about cave painting?
2. Why does he tell Tao he can never be a cave painter?
Chapter 9
Why do you think Graybeard changed his mind?
Chapter 10
1. What are the "mountains-that walk"?
2. What almsot happened to Tao?
Chapter 11
1. Do you think Graybeard is a good teacher? Why?
2. Would you like to have been taught a skill by him? Why
Chapter 12
1. Name some of the ingredients used to make paint.
2. Why is Tao afaid at the end of the chapter?
Chapter 13
1. Even if Ram had succeeded in hunting the deer, do you think it was a good idea of Tao's to "show off" his dog's ability to hunt? Explain
2. Predict what will happen next.
Chapter 14
1. Why does Tao cross the river?

2. What decision does Graybeard reach?
Chapters 15
1. What problem does Tao have by the end of this chapter?

1. What did you think of this book?
1. Which 2 animals does Tao try to draw?
2. Which animal is easier for him and why?
Chapter 16
1. What do you think has happened to Graybeard? What do you think will happen to Tao.
Chapter 17
1. Were you surprised to learn who Tao's father was? Why?
12-15 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes
6 minutes
13-15 minutes
8 minutes
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9 mintues
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