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Hillside Academy

Aishley Bailey

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of T.E.A.M. DATA DRIVEN

Total Excellence for All Members
How good is our "Playbook"
Use the materials provided to create a presentation of your teams "Playbook" (Data).
As a T. E. A. M., be prepared to present your findings
Be sure to include:
Areas of Strengths and Weaknesses present in the "Playbook" from a team (grade level) perspective
"Positions" (Readiness and Supporting Standards) that need supporting
Targeted X's and O's (students/ student groups) presented in the "Playbook"
Drills/Practices (teacher instructional practices) that need to be increased to have better success with the X's and O's.
K and Ist Grade:
In your teams...
2nd Grade:
4th Grade:
5th Grade:
Challenge: Analyze 2012-2013 STAAR/iStation/Benchmark Data to identify areas of growth for the upcoming school year and set SMART goals for the 2013-2014 school year.
3rd Grade:
Take the "Playbook" (Data Folder) that is designated for your team and review the contents of the "Playbook" with your team members.
Use the "Game Plan" (Guiding Questions) as a guide for reviewing your data. Answer all the question in the "Game Plan."
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