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Woyzeck Interpretation

No description

Hannah Reynolds

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Woyzeck Interpretation

WOYZECK 1. Frantic Assembly
2. Choreography
3. Multimedia
4. Realistic Acting
5. Caricatures PERFORMANCE STYLE 1. Woyzeck's psychological deterioration
2. How the affair effects Woyzeck
3. Drum Major/Marie's relationship MAIN AIMS/THEMES KEY CHARACTERS 1.Links to case study it is based on
2.Psychological knowledge was advancing at the time he was writing - Friedrich Goos
3.OPC - Staging & Doctor/Captain SCHP CONTEXT WOYZECK 1.Starts the play already mad - hearing voices etc.
2.Play is focused on how the affair initiates his breakdown to death
3.Realistic portrayal - sympathy for him from audience
4.Never HATES Marie, just loves her too much and if he can't have her, nobody can MARIE 1.Loves Woyzeck however passion is with Drum Major
2.Sometimes teases Woyzeck about Drum Major (e.g. dancing with him)
3.Her scene - worried for her reputation and her child as opposed to her relationship with Woyzeck
4.Mad/Gives up in the end DRUM MAJOR 1.Sexually driven
2.No emotional connection with audience
3.Treats Marie like an animal - which she secretly enjoys
5.'Silent but deadly'
6. Arrogant, dislikable character - drunk scene to show this GRANDMOTHER 1.Almost narrator - foreseeing what happens
2.Left wondering what part she played in Woyzeck's death
3.Onlooker who becomes a focal point DOCTOR/CAPTAIN 1.Caricatures
2.Provide (dark) humour ANDRES 1.Plot device
2.No emotional connection
3.Believable/relatable REHEARSAL TECHNIQUES ENSEMBLE WORK Scene 1 - Have an ensemble follow Woyzeck around acting like the Freemasons to get the actor reacting so his lines would become believable

Scene 13 - Have an ensemble follow Woyzeck around repeating significant lines that have related to his madness e.g. "Franz you're raving!" Woyzeck will try to be heard over the ensemble, like the voices in his head

RELATIONSHIPS Scene 1 (Woyzeck/Andres) - Woyzeck circling Andres on the floor to see how Andres reacts to the pressure of Woyzeck's paranoia
Scene 5 (Captain/Woyzeck) - Have the captain move Woyzeck like a puppet to show that Woyzeck is under the control of him
Scene 6 (Doctor/Woyzeck) - Have the doctor say all his lines at once, speaking over Woyzeck so he can bring the feeling of being ignored to performance
Scene 6 (Doctor/Woyzeck) - Blindfold Woyzeck and let the Doctor guide him. The let Woyzeck trip over so the trust that was there is lost
Scene 7 (Drum Major/Marie) - Make the Drum Major physically hold Marie back from somethine she wants so she can bring the genuine intensity of emotion to performance
Scene 9 (Doctor/Captain/Woyzeck) - Have the Doctor/Woyzeck act out their lines really quickly so the Captain will be able to bring that genuine confusion to performance

CHARACTERISATION Scene 2 - Actors playing as animals that represent their character (Drum Major = lion, Woyzeck = dog)
Scene 6 - Woyzeck acted in melodramatic style to bring out the emotions and the reactions
Scene 8 - Actor playing Woyzeck record an embarrassing memory and having it played during a rehearsal. Bringing the feeling of something happening, but you can't do anything about it.
Scene 9 - Performing their characters as a caricature to help distance them from their characters and to lose the emotional connection
Scene 14 - Actor playing Andres would listen to a presentation he is genuinely interested in, in order to get the feeling of being engaged in a subject
Scene 8 - How far away Woyzeck is to the cat and see the impact is has from further away
Scene 10 - Have Marie say her lines as normal but Woyzeck standing close and staring at Marie to make her feel uncomfortable
VOICE/TEMPO/RHYTHM Scene 8 - Woyzeck walking around the room with calm music to see the natural reaction when the cat is thrown at him
Scene 17 - Emphasis on voice. Acting out as a radio play, back to back, changing tone/pitch/inflection to see what the impact is
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