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Canadian Blood Services

No description

Noor El Massalme

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Canadian Blood Services

Problem Statement
"Increase both new donors and repeat donors in order to meet the varying demand throughout the year."
Website is outdated, difficult to navigate, poor menus
Video screen on website unclear
Unpaid activity results in less motivation
Annual units increased from 685,000 to 900,000 in 11 years
Government funded
80% of Canadians trust CBS to distribute blood
Convenience of mobile clinics
Fixed clinics provide a constant place
Pleasant experience
Website available in English and French
Canadian Blood Services
Group #7
Jake Fulton
Noor El Massalme
Freddie Yammine
Linhui Gong
Shelby Michaels
Large demographic to target for repeat donations
New female donors out number new male donors
Men are able to donate more frequently than women
Target people who volunteer for various causes
Blood shortages require extra advertising
Affiliates that want to achieve self-actualization and give back to society
Repeat donors getting old or ineligible
No correlation between seasonal factors and emergencies
Decreased wait times and more efficient scheduling in hospitals
Weight loss becoming a trend
Holiday season and irregular daily routines
Blood components spoil quickly
Increase the number of new donors by 10% within one year
Increase donor retention by 25% within one year
Maintain or decrease our current cost per unit of blood during the coming year; increasing number of donations of 5%
Improve the Canadian populations trust of CBS in its distribution of safe blood donations
Increase awareness for this cause among younger donors and show why it is important/what it does for society
Develop a recognition program that will encourage donor retention.
Encourage voluntary activity within corporations to donate blood (CSR)
Recommended Course of Action
Update website
A more focused advertising campaign aimed at the major age groups that tend to be new donors
Use of social media to reach certain groups
Further enhance the transfer of information regarding donating blood
Use our money more efficiently
Comparative Statistics
England: $206/unit of blood.
Canada: $377/unit of blood.

Australia: 1.3 million donations, 22.6 million Australians
Canada: 900,000 donations, 35 million Canadians
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