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presentation about advertising

Janka Kántor

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of advertising

ADVERTISING Important phases in the HISTORY of advertising HISTORY ancient times in the Middle Ages 19th century 20th century 21st century advertising 1980s vs 2009 The primary objective of advertising... brand name recognition
keep buyers loyal to it
positive image
praise a product
Advertising makes use of two closely connected human feelings: DESIRE FEAR Techniques and channels of advertising flyers
shops & consumer magazines
delivery trucks
handwritten notes
sandwich boards
direct mail or mail-order catalogues
miscellaneous media
The Yellow Pages
adverts in newspapers,magazines
commercials on the radio & Tv
the Internet-->most effective ways of promotion
luring techniques
buy two and get the third one free
trial offer at half price
buy now,pay later! Arguments for & against advertising keep prices down
contribute to job security
create consumer awareness
provide a useful service for the public
advertising is tightly regulated
help finance the media
likes and dislikes
commercial provide entertainment
creativity goods ae most expensive->costly advertising budget
multinational companies destroy smaller firms
brainwash us,manipulate us,depict sham world
Internet->worst form of promotion
cheat the costumer->bend the truth & misrepresent the product
advertisers control the media
market research->spy on people
"royal pain in the neck" disadvantiges My personal opinion about advertising...
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