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Greek Goddess Nyx Prezi

No description

Erin Sherman

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Greek Goddess Nyx Prezi

Greek Goddess of Night Nyx Original Epic Famous For... Powers Family Favorites Interesting Facts I was an orphan with three sisters. After my parents died I always dreamed of my parents. I wanted to stay in my dreams forever but my sisters had other plans. So my sitsters called upon the goddess of sleep and dreams to awaken me but I didnt want to awaken so i made a deal with her that I shall become the goddess of night never to see light again. I am famous for being the goddess of night, and helping criminals and spies get away with things when they should be caught. My father was Khaos and my brothers names were Tartarus, Erebos, and Eros. I married my brother Erebos and we had 15 children named Moros, Ker, Thanatos, Hypnos, The Oneiroi, Momos, Oizys, The Hesperides, The Moirai, The Keres, The Keres, Nemesis, Apate, Philotes, Geras, and Eris. Has the power to make extreme darkness or light
Stronger than all Olympian Gods except for Zeus who granted all of her wishes.
My kiss is fatal to mortal men
I can hypnotize both mortals and immortals by the sight of my eyes and sound of my voice I like to dream of my parents, also I like to use my powers to play with the lives of mortals for fun. I hid some spies and helped criminals during the Trojan War
I am 5'9" weighing 110 pounds
A lot of my worshipers were following the ways of witchcraft
I was a Titan
I am very unpredictable and treaten a lot I spend my time at my house above the gates of Tartarus. I share the house with Hemera so, when Hemera comes home I am gone. We only greet each other at the threshold where Atlas holds heaven. The End.....
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