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Voice123 pact version

PACT presentation

Juan Salcedo

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of Voice123 pact version

Team Opportunity Goal Strategy Demo Increasing demand of voice over services

More actors in the industry

Increasing demand of high quality and low-cost voice projects
B2B marketplace for the voice over industry

Over 150,000 industry professionals registered

Over 2 million auditions processed

Voice over talents pay $ 295 per year


1. TGrow in current market (green)
-> English American - Canadian
2. Penetrate other English markets (blue)
-> In progress
3. Penetrate other languages /markets (yellow)
-> Chinese and German before half 2010
4. Cross selling strategies (red)
-> 30% development http://voice123.com/ Stats conversion rates sales Global Voice casting agency Colombian - American company based out NYC

3 CS Reps for Voice-seekers (VS)
3 CS Reps for Talents (TVP's)

2 Senior Web Developers

1 Operations Manager

1 General Manager Leonardo Suarez
Business Development and Venture Manager

twitter @leonardosuarez American English market projects compared with other English markets Talents registered in our website Average cost per project per currency The problem We reduced voice audition timing: days and weeks hours and days We increase the match accuracy Projects and Voice over talents What we do The market Voice over talents Voice projects TAM -> 2m
SAM -> 500k
Targeted -> 100k TAM -> 200k
SAM -> 150k
Targeted -> 50k *Guesstimated market size *Guesstimated market size Average project size -> $ 250 The market of Voice annually spends and it needs
to be classified....
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