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The life cycle of a conifer tree

No description

Caitlyn Grubb

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of The life cycle of a conifer tree

By: Rachael Russo, Juliet Lubwama, Kim Baranger, And Caitlyn Grubb The Life Cycle of a Conifer Tree Have you seen my cane? All conifer trees go through the same steps to become adult trees. The first step is called spores. This is when the female seeds on pine trees are pollinated so they can be planted to grow a new pine tree. The second step is being a sapling. This is the most vulnerable stage for conifer trees because the conifer tree starts gaining resistance to harsh weather and starts competing with other plants for sunlight. During this stage the conifer tree takes the characteristics of a shrub. It doesn't produce any pine cones because most of its energy is used for growing. I'm a Big kid now! The third step is called growth or the medium-to-large tree stage. This is like when a teenager grows older because this process makes the conifer tree grow more and more each year, this depends on the amount of sunlight, moisture and nutrients it obtains from the soil. The height that a conifer tree grows depends mainly on the height of its parents and the amount of nutrients the conifer gets from the sun and the soil. Sup peeps! The fourth step is called maturity. This is like when the conifer tree is a mommy of daddy tree. This is when the conifer tree stops growing upward and makes pine cones. It will try to have the seeds from the pine cones planted yearly to make more conifer trees. We're mommy and daddy trees! The last stage for a conifer tree is called dormancy. The word dormancy means the act of being restful. This is the sad process where conifer trees shut their bodies down because they're old. They no longer grow or make pine cones. The tree then stands there until it breaks down and falls over, but don't worry. All trees go to forest heaven. The First Step! What have you learned? How many steps are in the life cycle of a conifer tree?
What is the second step known as?
What do adult conifer trees make? ANSWERS! 1.) There are five steps.
2.) The second step is being a sapling.
3.) Adult trees make pine cones. During our presentation, look for the answers to these questions: How many steps are in the life cycle of a conifer tree?
Whats the second step in the life cycle?
What do adult Conifer trees make? Go Conifers!!!
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