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Copy and Paste Pen

No description

Kat Sitchon

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy and Paste Pen

Save time, keep integrity! The Copy & Paste Pen Most students find that they write the same thing constantly in their notes. Are Your Notes
Repetitive? Avoid hand cramps when writing notes! Don't worry about copyright infringement! Keep Integrity You can only copy from your own handwriting How it Works The notebook made for the pen provides graphs and charts that can be scanned and reproduced! Notebook This takes much more time and effort than necessary. They also find it hard to keep up with what the teacher is saying. They speak faster than the student can write! Many students have saved their hands by avoiding writing too much. This helps people with disabilities or people who have had hand surgeries. You can only copy from your own handwriting! This keeps honesty in your work! The pen has a scanner. If you use any large words a lot, you can write then to the side, and scan them when you need them! You can even copy and paste pre-drawn graphs from the special notebook. Individual Pen: $90 With Notebook: $115
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