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Developing Lexington

No description

Rachel Ross

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Developing Lexington

The loss of horse farms and green space
due to suburban sprawl is a current trend
in Lexington
Loss of green space is sometimes disguised as good for community Lexington's identity as "The Horse Capital of the World" Preservation of bluegrass and horse farm land The development of farmland can be good for the community, as shown by the UK Arboretum
1996-1998: loss of over 4,700 acres
of Rural Service Area Land
4,700= 20,000 homes
4,700= 429 homes This developed land is not being used effectively or efficiently
and is causing an unnecessarily large loss of rural land The value of Lexington's farmland and green space
is being overlooked and underestimated. The land that is now the Arboretum used to be a Unversity farm The idea to better utilize the land came from a UK Biology Professor who wanted a space for native plants close to campus In 1986, 100 acres were designated for the project Construction began in 1991 as a joint effort between UK and the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Goals: preservation and conservation of native plants urban forest renewal Environmental Education Children's Garden Probably what the whole Arboretum looked like in the begining Land used to be farmland that wasnt serving its purpose.
Farmland was developed to allow nature to thrive.
Value of green space= Recognized!
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