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Johnny Cash

Life about johnny cash

Hannah Hohn

on 9 March 2012

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Transcript of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Johnny Cash (February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003 Johnny Cash was known for his country music, and his deep bass baritone voice. He would perform in Dark clothing, He explains about himself wearing black in his song " Man In Black" Johnny Cash started out as a teenager, singing with his family in their cotton fields in arkansas. He was close to his older brother Jack. Jack died in 1944 because of a whirling head saw accident that almost cut him in two.
He enjoyed to sing. He sang while being a salesmen. He loved and had a great passion for singing. Marrying his first wife, Vivian Liberto. He met her at a roller-skating rink in Minnesota. He found 2 mechanics, one played guitar and the other played bass.

When cash first performed at Grand Ole Opry he met june carter and told her that one day he would surely marry her. While singing at the opry they became closer to eachother and soon singing duets.

Later on, Vivian Liberto got sick of Johnny Not being home, drinking, and doing drugs. She was a strict Catholic and she said she would never divorice, but one day she did.

While June and Johnny were singing, and on a HOT streak. They had a song that was well known written by June Carter, "Ring of Fire".
Then they had a song named "Jackson".
While performing on stage johnny cash asked June Carter to marry him, June said yes. Later on they got married and Johnny Cash had 4 kids with his 1st wife, Vivian Liberto and June Carter had 2 other kids with her past husbands.

They got together and got married, lived happily ever after, with Children, and Grandchildren.

Johnny Cash died on Septemeber 12, 2003
June Carter Cash died on May 15, 2003.
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