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Ned Kelly: Good or Bad??

No description

May Zhou

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Ned Kelly: Good or Bad??

Ned Kelly Alms to the poor Bad? Good? Robbing Murder Stealing - Ned Kelly had a strong sense of justice.

-The Kelly gang always give some of the money they rob from banks and hotels to the poor.

- He cared about his family and friends or just poor people that got treated badly. Protect family & friend - The Kelly gang was formed because Ned wanted to protect his family.

- In the battle at the Glenrowan Hotel, he went back to rescue his friends and his brother. - The police was collapsed, they accept bribes and bullies the poor, Ned's family is poor as well and he hates the way they were treated so he fought for the poors'. - The Kelly gang often rob banks and hotels on their way. Some people say Ned Kelly didn't give the poor people money which he robbed from banks and hotels. - After Ned Kelly's mother got arrested for attempt murder (which is not true), Ned hated the police even more. One day when Ned was drunk, he shot 3 policemen and became an outlaw.
- Constable Lonigan, Sergeant Kennedy, Constable Scanlon were murdered by the Kelly gang in the Wombat forest in Stringybark Creek. After becoming a murder, the reward for arresting Kelly has raised to 500 pounds. Good? Bad? Fighting for the rights as a 'battler' Bibliography - At the age of 14, Ned was arrested for stealing 10 shillings from a Chinese man and reportedly to have announced that he 'was going to be a bushranger'.

- Like Ned's father, whom is really good at stealing, Ned followed him and stole horses from rich people at a really young age. He was once kept in jail for three years for stealing a horse. Carole Wilkinson. 2007. Australia black dog book. Pages 1-57.
Ned Kelly’s world. 2009. http://www.nedkellysworld.com.au/history/history.htm.
Ned Kelly. 2012 http://www.abc.net.au/schoolstv/australians/nedkelly.htm.
Kelly, Edward (Ned). 2006. http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/kelly-edward-ned-3933.
Ned Kelly fact sheet. 2012. http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/explore/fact-sheets/ned-kelly-fact-sheet.
The Ned Kelly Trail. 2004. http://www.thekellytrail.com/nedkelly/ GAME TIME!!! Edward Ned Kelly was born in June 1854 to an Irish Australian father. He is considered by some to be merely a cold-blooded killer, while others consider him to be a hero Ned was in trouble at an early age, he helped his dad to steal things. But it’s not until the Fitzpatrick incident when he formed the Kelly gang. Constable Fitzpatrick went to Ned’s house to arrest Dan for horse theft but he was shot in his hand and Dan got away. Kelly and a few of their friends followed Ned and Dan, that’s when the Kelly gang was formed. The Kelly gang held up banks and farmhouses in the bush. At the time, poor people were angry at the ugly and unfair authority, so because Kelly embarrassed the police, they started to see him as a hero. Also because he robs banks and give some of the money to the poor.
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