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Cyber Bullying

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Jeffrey 74 RTMS RTMS

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying happens online and what happens is that you can be commented or emailed bad things about you. So to prevent it, you should try and make almost everything private for an example only give your email to people you know
How it works and how to prevent it
Cyber Bullies need a life.
You can get fire walls or anti-virus programs to protect yourself from the person that is trying to hack or get in your pc or other electronics. You can get Norton anti-virus for example to help protect your pc.
Cyberbullying mostly happens on the internet, places like in your email. Cyber bulliers are able to find ways of hiding their identity when bullying another child.
So some more ways to stop cyber bullying are to .....
How to Stop Cyber Bullying!!
Well the first thing is to man up and not be afraid of the person no matter how old or how big he/she is .....DON'T BE AFRAID.The next step is to tell a parent or a gurdian that this is happening and to then change accounts on what ever was the website was into a diffrent one or block the person.
What to do if you are being bullied
The Point/Truth of
Concequences of Cyber Bullying.
-Getting band
Jail time or mayby even prison time
- Getting charged big time or fined
because you never know the person who was getting bullied can commit suicide and if your caught cause of that it can be also sewing time.

Doesn't sound so fun and cool afterall.
Future ?
Well the in the future it is going to get worse . So when it gets worse people would start understanding cyber bullying and mabye you can be a bully or a victim. From now on you should be careful and some times never be freinds with bad people. As you can see hear that the statics is geeting wores like 2005-2007 it has increased so munch.
Site- www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-cyber-bullying‎
Used- December 23rd, 2013
And of course the Google
Why Do Kids/Teens Cyberbully Each Other?
Popular kids or teens may bully because:

They see it as a way to stay popular.
Hurting others makes them feel powerful.

The person who bullies probably doesn’t even know, right? Different people have different reasons.

People think it is awsome and fine me doing it.!
What Is Cyber Bullying?
Where does this happen?
How does it affect people?
Cyber bullying is when any person is threatened online. It is different from bullying because bullying happens directly to a person and not on the internet.
The point of cyber bulling is to make someone's life feel bad and it is usually so that the bully would want to put all his stress off him and make the victims life 100% more miserable.
Who Agree's?
"Think Before you enter"
"You never know but when you enter something mean the key won't say ENTER..... it'll say BULLY"!
make almost everything private( if possible)
don't give out personal information to strangers
don't add people that you don't know
Don't go on websites that you have to sign up for (websites for no use ,for example game websites)
You never want to be a bully because it won't lead to a happily ever after story, it would be a very miserable road .It doesn't matter what type of bullying it is, jut don't do it .I know that if everyone knows that it is bad ......why do it?

Someone who has gone through CYBER BULLYING
Amanda Todd is a girl that went through cyber bullying and has taken her life because of that.
Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online.
81% of children think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.
Only 1 in 10 victims will talk to a parent about their abuse.
Girls are about twice as likely as boys to be victims of cyber bullying.
About 75% have visited a website assulting another student.
Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.
68% of teens agree that cyber bullying is a serious problem.
About 75% have visited a website bashing another student
Thats all for today
Jeffery Chan
Shahroz Khan
Ossaid Khan
Rahul Gandhi
Some Videos <>
Standing up
Not Standing Up(#_#)
Cyber bullying hurts/affects people by making them feel like nothing. If they hear or see something about them, they would believe that is what they are. This could affect their school by making them get bad grades thinking they are dumb.In other cases they might do something crazy. ( This is something that happens in technology device such as a pc,laptop and Ipad, Ipod (etc.)

So Cyber bullying quite simply started when the internet became a common tool , when people started to think it was safe to say bad things but it isn't nice and cool . As we said earlier that they are consequences from parent's and so on.
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