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No Witchcraft for Sale

prezi presentation for english four honors exam

Kevin Thompson

on 5 June 2011

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Transcript of No Witchcraft for Sale

"No Witchcraft for Sale" Genre: Short Story Includes: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution Includes: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution Setting: Southern Rhodesia
(present day Zimbabwe) Includes: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Conclusion Rhodesia is under control of the British Colonist, like the Farquars. These colonist use native Africans as their personal slaves. Mr. and Mrs. Farquar: Middle class British colonist. Owned multiple slaves.Had one child named Teddy. Teddy: Teddy was an only child. He was too young to see what slavery really was. Considered Gideon, a family slave, one of his best friends. Born: October 22, 1919
Born in Persia(present day Iran)
Also wrote:The Grass is Singing and the Golden Notebook
Awards won: Noble Prize in Literature(2007)
David Cohen(2001)
Ranked in the top 50 British writers since 1945 by the New York Times What is a short story: A short peice of fiction aiming at a unity of characterization, theme and effect. Includes: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution Gideon: The Farquars personal slave. He treats Teddy as his son. He loves playing with him and watching over him. He is also the protagonist. Expositon:The exposition of this story is when Teddy is born. The Farquars have been trying to have a child for a long time and they are finally having one. Rising Action: The rising action in the is story is when Teddy is growing up. It tells us how much fun him and Gideon have and how close they really are. Even when Teddy insultes Gideons son by calling him a little black boy, Gideon still cares deeply about him. Climax: The clmiax of this story is when Teddy is outside riding his scooter and stops to take a break. Little does he know there is a snake dangling form the tree in front of him. The snake spits in his eye causing Teddy to scream, which gets Gideons and his mothers attention.His mother cries that his eye could go blind. Gideon disappears into the woods only to come back with an unknown plant. He chews this plant and spits it into Teddys eyes. This makes Teddys eye go back to normal. Falling Action: The falling action of this story is when the scientist shows up at the Farquars house lookin for Gideon. He has come to find out what plant Gideon used to cure Teddys eyes. Against his owners instructions Gideon refuses to give up the plant. He does this because it is an old native secret and he wants to keep this protected because it is one of the last things his culture has left. Resolution: in the very end of this story the Farquars realize the importance of Gideons culture. They begin to understand it is the last thing he has left and they accept that. Tradition: Tradition is displayed in this story with medicine practices that are handed down from geneneration to generation. Two conflicting themes Commercialism: Commercialism is brought up when the scientist comes to there house trying to convince Gideon to show him the plant so he can make money off of it. Real World Connection Even today there are cultural clashes like the ones displayed in this story. Some cultures will never get along.
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