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Lan Samantha Chang

Mariah Callahan

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Housepainting

Written By: Lan Samantha Chang
Mariah Callahan Reason for title and symbolism The Topic and the Theme Figurative Language Point of View and Type of Language confusion: The narrator's parents are very confused about why their daughter wouldn't want to marry Wei, since he's so perfect. The story is about a young woman deciding whether she should marry to please her parents or marry to find someone who pleases her. Her boyfriend of four years, Wei, who her parents wants her to marry paints her families house. The significance of him painting the house is that he's a "good, family oriented, chinese man" who has no flaws. Yet she isn't attracted to him. Example 1 simile : pg. 641 "my father always acted like a caged animal" Moods Housepainting The theme and topic of the story is choosing between your parents wants and dreams for you or your own wants and dreams for yourself. Example 2 hyperbole: pg. 647 "Mom and dad are going to kill me." Example 3 cliche: pg. 644 "time to hit the sack." The point of view is from a young girl, which is first person.
The language is formal. indecisive: The narrator's sister is battling inside herself whether to marry the man of her parents dreams or not. climax: When the narrator's sister starts painting over the yellow paint that Wei had been painting for days on the house, and the fact that he has no reaction to it. Story conflict: The problem in the story is the narrator's sister indecisiveness whether she should marry Wei or not.
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