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Image- Augmented Reality


Salah Mostafa

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Image- Augmented Reality

Year 1
Provide a sufficient budget for start-up.
A big portion of the budget will be used to build AR apps that will be used to market the new technology.
Set a pricing model for all apps.

Year 3
Most of the budget will be spent on diversifying geographically.
Invest in the new tech trends at that time.
Industry Analysis
Products & Services
Business ...
Full fledged Advertising & PR agencies.

Saudi Arabia's advertising market represents 45 % of the Gulf region expenditure with over 2 SR billion market.

The Kingdom ranks second in the Arab world in terms of the volume of its advertising market and expects to rank 43rd globally.

Top Performers ...
Akeel Saatchi & Saatchi 3 Points Hill & Knowlton
JWT Jeddah 4Sight Nett Results Media Relations
AGA Al Manara
Promoseven Brand House

Saudi's advertising expenditure stood at $1.7 billion in 2012, with a population of 24 million and average age of 18... the biggest spender!
Saudi Arabia, was expected to be a highly attractive market for the multinational advertising agencies...

They were right!
Industry Analysis Cont'
To always be the first to introduce, evolve & change the trends, tastes and preferences of Communication & PR in the region & the Arab world.
Designing and implementing the ideal Advertising & PR campaigns that meet targets & boost our clients' image & relations with the public, increase market share & maximize their profits as a result.
We as 'Image', should believe that we will face more competitors than
The ease of imitation

Competitors naturally
change as you grow

The market is very dynamic
we think ... why?
In order to keep & enhance our strengths, we should provide them the proper irrigation they need.

Our strengths are mainly represented in talents, financial resources and the company's origin.

Talents can be head-hunted, trained & retained.

A strong HR department that is familiar with & experienced in what we do & seek from new and existing talents.

'Start with good people... Communicate, motivate & reward them and you wont miss! '
Lee Lacocca.
Weaknesses ...
To overcome our weaknesses, we should...

Set process standards (booklet) that all employees have to go by and not be violated under any circumstances to have a minimum performance level.

Lead & guide our HR department to get introduced to and know exactly what we need from each employee in his position.

An effective Marketing strategy will eliminate competition.

Hire a Market/ Marketing research company to act as your source of information.

Opportunities ...
To get the best out of our opportunities, we have to pro-act and be the pioneers in providing new technologies that will grab our targets' interest and enjoy the FMA 'First Mover Advantage'.

First-Movers enjoy the reputation, recommendations & profit ... of course the biggest market share will be ours for years to come.

The market is still unsaturated and has a lot to offer.
The mind-sets are changing towards technological trends.
Alliances are easy to establish... Thanks to technology!
Be chased ...
Never get caught!
'Our greatest weakness
lies in giving up'
Thomas A. Edison
We need to diversify in the product and
service range we are offering.

As a Communication & PR agency, we are
providing the basic classic services with no competitive advantage ...

This is about to change!
But before making any changes, our Marketing team should be creative and aggressive enough to handle the up-coming events.

As Arabs, we get amused by new technologies, trends & entertainment. We have to introduce new products and services other than the usual boring "all the same" offerings.

Allow me to introduce to you ...
Augmented Reality
The latest in the Advertising field

"Art must take reality
by surprise."

F Sagan
Augmented reality creates the most interactive and engaging link between the product/service and target segment by mixing the physical and digital worlds together ...
Guerrilla & Ambient Communication ...
Why ?
It starts with a simple creative concept that passes through a developing process (based on the client's needs and purposes behind the campaign) to end up creating the Buzz! by which the company will have the impact it desires on its target segment.

Directs the consumers' spending decision making process by forcing them (indirectly) to engage & interact (Experiential marketing) with the tools being used, giving them the opportunity to experience the products that the company is offering.

I find it very challenging and I believe that it needs highly creative minds to be able to deliver it in the proper way and have the desired impact.
The new recommended service is considered to be sophisticated and expensive, that's why we will go Direct & B2B ...

We can have a positive immediate effect, if we make visits holding
You have won a new client.
Congratulations !
booklets or business cards that include Augmented Reality application codes.
Alliances ...
There must be an alliance with one of these two companies, they are based in the UK, the best globally & will provide us with the software applications.

'A' class product manufacturers.

Looking to boost their image as a brand.

The brand should be targeting A class
clients or consumers.

Must be ready to think out of the box.

Have the monetary power to afford this
expensive technology.
Who should we target?
Applications ...

Oil & Gas
Real Estate

Food & Beverage

Year 2
Most of the budget will be used to enhance our service standards and take bigger projects concerning AR.
Invest in new local talented AR developers & train them if they need any.

Let's talk financial ...
Our Vision ...
Our Mission
High level of expertise & motivation

Strong connections

Strong financial & monetary status

National company

Working on trial/ error bases

Weak creativity level & art work

Absence of proper talents

Lack of trusted information resources

Weak conception
The existence of trusted multi-national companies

Intense market competition

The continuous increase in hi-tech trends' prices

The fast pace of technology
The local Market is not fully covered

New technologies are evolving nowadays

Saudi's psycho-graphics are changing &

Possible foreign alliances
Analysis ...
IMAGE - Product Diversification
Let's Go Digital...

Products & services cont'
We will be price skimming
to enjoy the highest Revenue ...
Pricing strategy
We will launch with relatively high prices to improve the image and increase the sense of exclusivity.

We will lower the price at a constant rate to be affordable and appealing to all our target segments' needs and capabilities.
Sorry, we are not going anywhere !
Where should we target our clients?
Promotion Magic ...
How The mind works ...
Our strongest challenge is generating the strongest marketing tool... the word of mouth.
Grab the attention.
Create the sense of curiosity.
make them interested.
Make them try it, love it & share it with others.
Create the ...
To insure creating the right BUZZ, we should go by the ROI rule ...
"The Communication activity should be relevant to the product"
"The activity should be original to position ourself
as an innovator"
To shape & direct behavior, penetrate their senses and generate sales.
Perform the above without overlooking the main purpose behind any campaign, which is the Returm On Investment.
"In any investment, you expect to
have fun and make money"

Michael Jordan.
To create the image!
We need a whole new identity.
The logo doesn't give the impression we need and is very basic for a digital communications & PR agency.
No Slogan.
I should have an idea about the brand within the first three seconds, after being exposed to its identity.

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn

Jeff Bezos.
reputation by trying to do hard things well"
As a further step, we will start to have our own AR developers team for cost efficiency & minimization.
Threats ...
We can turn the threats into opportunities ...

We will be able to provide more cost efficient solutions than multinational companies by offering the same or even higher quality services.
Intense marketing competition is a derive for productivity.
Our proactive employees will be able to cope with the dynamic business environment & fast pace of technology.
"If you can't beat your competition
prepare to have them beaten"
Budget & Action Plan will be discussed in details upon Product diversification concept approval ...
Good Luck !
Our new Advertising & PR offerings will mainly depend on smart phones.

Facts & research showed that a big portion of the population don't use smart phones, but don't worry ... I've made my research!
(shown in the strategy section later on)
Place - The Market
Talents ...
People are one of the most key reasons for success, so the talents we will hire should be...

Passionate about the industry.
Knowledge based.
Creative & Artistic.
HR role ...
Find these people, train, motivate & retain them.
"Knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns"
J.M. Clark
IMAGE - The company...
Field: Advertising & PR.

Type: Subsidiary.

Size: 9 Employees.

Activity: B2B / B2C.

Life span: Long term.

Main Aim: Profits.

Powerful Smart
Dynamic Fun
Creative Accomplishing

Company should be best described as...
All the analysis are based on a research that was conducted by the end of 2012.

There will be a slight change in the results if conducted now after the launch of 'iphone 5' & 'Galaxy S4'.
Remains the biggest challenge...
Execution !
Now we need to conduct an action plan according to global standards & start working !
Right information
Knowledge & talent
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