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Elimination is the better method

By: Anna Wildman & Leila Khan

Anna Wildman

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of Elimination is the better method

Math Advertisement Project
By: Anna Wildman & Leila Khan

Our logo
Definition of our method
Elimination Method
is the process of eliminating one of the variables in a system of equations using addition or subtraction in conjunction with multiplication or division and solving the system of equations.
Steps for our method
Our Argument
"substitution is confusion"
Our Slogan
"Elimination is a vacation"
Find opposite/same coefficients in each equation. If there are none, then you can multiply one of the equations completely, by a number that will make equations have a set of the same coefficients.
Line up your problems so the variables are in line with each other.
If they are opposite coefficients (one is negative and one is positive) then, you add. If they are the same then you subtract.
Whichever variables are lined up, you will eliminate those variables.
Once the equations are added or subtracted you use basic algebra to find your first variable.
Then you plug in your first variable into one of the original equations to find your second variable.
Example 1:
Elimination has less steps than substitution.
Elimination reduces the possibilities of mistakes as compared to other methods.
Elimination is quicker.
Substitution v.s. Elimination
Example 2:
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