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''We = POWER''

No description

Virginia Dumbrava

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of ''We = POWER''

- Production
- Purchase
- Project
Global leader in design and manufacture of fixed fire fighting systems.

Focus areas:
NEW Structure

- Reorganized company’s structure
- Structure departments (HR department and Marketing)
- More focus on CRM (More customer oriented)
- Implementing beyod budgeting

After Sale
Watermist Land


Watermist Marine

Need to secure profit generation in order to survive and increase their competitiveness
Organizational structure

Demotivated staff

Lack of strong relationship with customers
Lack of strong relationship
with customers

- To have better market position;
- To have a developed and efficient structure;
- Better and developed team working;
- To build better company culture.

Sales Plan
CRM system
- Value added exchanges

The company should focus on CRM system more.

- It helps the intimacy with customers to build a stronger relationship.
- It also increases info-flow efficient service better running projects

Organizational Development/Change Management
Beyond Budgeting
Organizational development
1. Where the change come from?

- Financial crisis;
- Organizational structure;
- Lack of cooperation;
- No clear values/vision/goals.

2. Scale/Type of change


3. Change process:

Jhon Kotter’s Model

4. Change management:

Recomendations for CEO:

1. Leadership skills:
2. Transformational leader
3. Top-down
4. Empowered
5. Be a role model

5. Competence development

6. Changing people/People management

- Human Resource Manager

Selection and recruitin
Learning process
Happy workplace=Happy customers
Resistance to change
Become as ONE
Career opportunities


Happy workplace = Happy customers
‘Happy’ PROFIT

1. Danfoss-Semco general presentation
2. Problem's
3. NEW management orietation
4. Sales Plan + CRM
5.Organizational Management
6. Beyond Budgeting

- Sales Aalborg+Odense
- Technical support
- Purchase
- Production in Denmark
- Production on China
- Project
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