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Development of Visual Arts in the Philippines

No description

Nikko Aboy

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Development of Visual Arts in the Philippines

Development of Visual Arts
in the Philippines

The Development of Painting in the Philippines
Spanish Period
American Period
Modern Period

Painting during the American Period
Painting has a lesser direct utility value than architecture.
There were a few painters, but they painted simly for the love of art.
Painting suffered a standstill as commerce became generally restricted.
Painting during the Modern Period
The artists were set to sketch portraits for a living
Painting during the Spanish Period
Painting in churches started in the Manila area with the priests as painter-decorators
Famous Painters
Jose Dans
Philippine Art Gallery
Igorots, Ifugaos, Mindanao Moslems, Bagobos, and Mangyans were the favorite subjects
Damiano Domingo
Justiniano Asuncion
Alfonso Ongpin
The Academia de Dibujo y Pintura
Agustin Saez
19th Century Masters
Juan Luna
studied under Saez, Rocha, and Guerrero
Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo y Padilla
studied at the academia under Saez
La Barca de Aqueronte
Lorenzo Guerrero
master in non-religious and creative painting
La Muerta de Cleopatra
Oedipus and Antigone
Famous Painters
Miguel Zaragoza
Fabian de la Rosa
Teodoro Buenaventura
Jorge Pineda
Asociacion Internacional de Artistas
Oil entry of Vicente Rivera y Mir that won two first prizes
El Sueno Dorado
Cabeza de Estudio
Ramon Peralta's entry that won second prize
Fabian de la Rosa
A realist in the true sense of the word
Most prolific painter of American Period
The Marikina Road
Planting Rice
Jorge Pineda
Landscape artist of American period
Mastered the art of lithography
Playing Chongka
Lantern Makers
Romeo Enriquez's
won the first prize in the AAP competitive exhibitions
The Development of Sculpture
in the Philippines

Sculpture during the
Spanish Period
- Native sculpture mostly of idols
- Religion for their subject matter.
- Carved images of saints crosses, crucifixes, and other religious objects.
An example sculpture during this period
an Araneta collection which displays an unconventional figure of the virgin.
Bas-Relief Estaciones
in the Church
Ld Purisima Concepcion
St. John and Christ
at the morong church
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