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Bhopal "Accident"

No description

Nick Murawski

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Bhopal "Accident"

By: Nick, Liga, Ben, Matt, Leif The Bhopal "Accident" What Happened In Bhopal On
December 3, 1984? Is “Warren Anderson” pleased with the outcome?
Is the Bhopal resident?
Has Union Carbide handled the aftermath of Bhopal as well as it could have?
Did the company pay a fair price for its involvement in the disaster? The Bhopal Disaster in summary
Who is to blame? There are others to blame
Warren Andersen and Union Carbide Is Chairman Warren Andersen Personally Responsible? Safety standards must be high
Overseas or not, it is still the same company What Might Other Companies Learn From the Bhopal Disaster? The disaster happened in India
The lawsuits are being filed by Indians
It is an Indian matter Was the judgment handed down by the U.S. Court of Appeals appropriate?
Why Should U.S. or Indian courts have had jurisdiction over this case? Warren Anderson did pay a little the price in Indian prison
The Bhopal residents are still outraged
Union Carbide barely paid a price at all Who's To Blame For What Happened At Bhopal? What Is The Ethical Dilemma? What Economic Model Did Union Carbide Use? UCC's positioning of the Bhopal plant
UCC's poor managerial and mantinence
Was UCC to consumed to make money? Both sides made major mistakes
The mistakes were as big on each side of the case Should Union Carbide have adhered to standards
that were higher than those required by local law? They had very dangers chemicals on-site
They had a lack of safety equipment
Did not follow local laws Should Companies Adhere to a Single Global Standard? And for What Kind of Procedure? Lack of government regulation in India
Increased standards of security
The environmental proximity problem What do you Think of the Courts Decision? Union Carbine was the largest stockholder in the company
The compensation was not enough Does Union Carbide Escape to Easily? What would you have done? Compensation to victims was a measly amount
Ended paying less than half of the original amount
Union Carbide needed to help the citizens
Union Carbide should have taken a larger financial hit Does Union Carbide Risk Even Greater Financial Harm by Relying on the Indian Court System? India is a worse country economically
India's court system is not as strong as the U.S.'s
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