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Indoor air pollution

No description


on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Indoor air pollution

How it helps
It helps because then in your family you will get sick less. Your house will be cleaner. Now air will be better because my sensor can help air quality in houses.
Indoor Air Pollution
Air pollution is caused by car exhausts, smokers, and people. The reason air pollution is an issue is because it effects acid rain. Acid rain is harmful because it can kill life in the sea, and it can also kill trees. And if you search acid rain effects on statues pictures, you will see what it looks like. It also causes people to get sick, here are some sicknesses it can cause; lung cancer, nausea, pneumonia and others.
Indoor air pollution
My Solution
My solution is an air quality control container that hangs in your house and tell you about the air pollution inside your house and the weather. It sends you what it needs to tell you through text messages in your phone. If the air in your house is dirty, it might say, "You should change the air filter." If the weather outside is really clean it might say, "Take the opportunity to open windows the air outside is clean."

-thank you
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