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Frog Muscles

No description


on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Frog Muscles

~ Frog Muscles ~ salivary glands located under the floor of the mouth pulls foot up (dorsally) or supinates (rolls outward) in arises from the front of the tibia where it connects to fibula: extends foot and turns it obliquely inward
lifts the foot and flexes the ankle superficial muscle on the back of the leg. Its plantar flexes (increases angle between foot and shin) the foot at the ankle and leg at the knee. narrow thin muscle of the thigh used in
flexing the hip and knee broad muscle of the thigh that flexes the hip
and knee consists of three different parts to flex the thigh large triangular muscle on the medial side of the thigh, it adducts the thigh longest muscle in the body, it is a thin muscle that runs down the thigh, flexes and abducts the thigh, and flexes the knee. located in the thigh,
to adduct the thigh paired muscle running verically on
each side of the abdomen, flexes
the lumbar spine
and assists in breathing. flexes the humerus, adducts the humerus, rotates humerus medially, aids in deep inspiration rounded part of the shoulder,
used in abducting the arm. largest most superficial
muscle of the abdomen, it pulls the chest
downward and compresses the abdominal
cavity white line, fibrtous structure that
runs down the midline of the abdomen cartilage of the lower
part of the sternum joint between tibia and
extends the calf
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