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Forrest Gump and Cognitive Development: Psychology

No description

Nafeesa Paul

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Forrest Gump and Cognitive Development: Psychology

Forrest Gump and Cognitive Development: Psychology
Forrest Gump: Intro
Cognitive Developement
Since very early in his childhood Forrest has been classified as "slow" or mentally disabled and this has not changed in adulthood. Despite this, he is able to attend college, and graduate, signifying that he does indeed have some cognitive abilities in the classroom. Emotionally, As a child Gump experienced unconditional love where as Jenny did not . This led Gump to be a happy young man, to believe in himself, be strong, and overall to develop into a full functioning adult.
Forrest Gump is a complex and interesting lead character and provides a unique contrast to typical early adulthood behavior. In the film, from the time he attends college, towards the end of the film where he begins his role as a father, Forrest goes through normal events that occur in the lives of many young adults. His reaction and development is different from most however, and he goes through interesting events and experiences. This contrast between typical life events and a slower than normal development shows that some expectations about cognitive abilities may not be as important. Even those who are considered "slow" by the mainstream population can be successful and live a life full of typical life events that fall within a typical time frame.
1. What aspect of psychology does Forrest Gump relate to?

2. How does Forrest differ from others in his development?

3. How is Forrest "normal" in his development?

4. Why do you think Forrest Gump's mental disability did not affect his development?

5. What can be learned from Forrest about Eric Erickson's theory of development?
Although Forrest has a mental disability he is shown to teach the surrounding characters essential such as love, friendship and life that without him they would not have realized .
What aspect of psychology does Forrest Gump relate to?
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