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No description

Jaydaa El Rouby

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of CIVILSOFT

What makes a career truly fulfilling is the ability to add value to other people’s lives.

We used our programming talent to develop software specialized in human resources, in people, software that would enhance employee wellbeing, drive engagement, and enhance learning and development

Software that would extend our passion to empower people beyond the walls of our own organization.
..In pursuit of a fulfilling career..
It was founded in pursuit of a strong passion for software development..
which is why we believe, more than anyone else, in empowering people to pursue their own passions, and take charge of their careers.
What makes a career truly fulfilling is the ability to

add value to other people’s lives.

We used our programming talent to develop software specialized in human resources,
in people...

We need people whose passions and values are aligned with our own, to further our impact, to make a change.

We do not offer jobs, we offer careers worth pursuing.
Software that would enhance
employee well-being..
Drive engagement..
and enhance learning and development..
Software that would extend our passion to empower people beyond the walls of our own organization.
We visualize a success story of a company emerging from the Middle East to become the most recommended IT Corporation in the world.

You are responding to people’s needs and making their jobs easier
You are creating solutions

You are giving our brand a voice
You are creating stories worth telling,
Reaching out to people and building genuine relationships
You are introducing solutions to the world of business, helping people make decisions,
You are creating impressions..
Smooth and delightful experiences..
Enticing emotions.
You are building people who will carry our mission forward, helping them tap into their true potential and augment their competencies.
You are not installing systems
You are driving change/ transformation in organizations
Helping people adapt to it
You are not just writing code,
You are architecting systems,
Creating masterpieces;
You are solving problems and getting things to work.
Leverage your love for technology to introduce innovation to the world of Information Technology.
You are helping organizations grow.
Sales and Marketing
You are sharing our passion with the world
You are playing colors, animation and transitions to create an environment with which people will work happily, every day.
Quality Control
You are helping us keep our promise to the world..
Helping us keep up the high standards we have set for ourselves..
Helping us meet, even exceed our clients' expectations..

Because at CivilSoft, we never settle for less.
Helping them love it, embrace it and work with it.
CivilSoft started its operations in Dubai in 1994 and grew to inaugurate offices in both Jeddah and Alexandria..
Join Our Amazing New Batch
Quality Control
UI Designer
Mobile Developers
Software Developers
Why Civilsoft
The Perks
Learning and development is at the core of our mission, and since it is always better to start at young age, our employees are entitled to a schooling allowance to support their children's education.
We put the wellness of our employees and their families in our top priorities, which is why we work with the best insurance companies to provide them with wide coverage.
Medical Insurance
Our values are guided by our eagerness to EMPOWER OTHERS
Hence, we demand a culture of integrity, Reciprocity, Self-development, Ownership, Respect and Customer orientation.

We are jointly committed to make CivilSoft a better place to work.

The Culture
Nothing feels as good as seeing your work implemented in some of the world's most prominent organizations, contributing to their success and adding value to the lives of their employees.

The Impact
The Exposure
Gain insight into the work of different organizations in different industries and different markets.
The opportunity to build unlimited exposure is guaranteed at CivilSoft.
The real question is: How will you put it to good use?
Have fun while inspiring others…
Enjoy our trips, parties and gatherings... Play Xbox at your free time.

Play (fun)
We commit to the mission of

our current employees, believing that they’ll be our future leaders.

Promoting a learning environment is our tool to encourage continuous development; In addition to
on-the-job training
, we offer opportunities including
lectures, workshops, and conference attendance.

We give our employees the chance to uncover and magnify their abilities through
job enrichment
We encourage taking
calculated risks
and we see mistakes as an opportunity to learn rather than a reason to blame.
We offer our top notch employees
career counseling, lateral moves & fast track promotions
, if they were found to have the capabilities, passion and persistence.

Come Change the world with us
The Growth Outlook
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