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Road Lines, What do they Mean?

No description

Kayla Sliger

on 9 February 2018

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Transcript of Road Lines, What do they Mean?

The Lines
Broken and Solid Lines
Solid lines cannot be crossed, but broken lines can be crossed.
Yellow Lines vs White Lines
Yellow lines tell you that the traffic
on the other side of the road are
going the opposite direction.

White lines tell you that the traffic
on the other side of the road is going
the same direction as you.
Double Lines
A double solid line means that
you cannot pass those lines, but
if there are broken lines next to
the lines, you may pass the broken lines.
Different Lines
Sometimes one side of the road will have a dashed line, but the other line will be straight. You can pass if the dotted line is on your side of the road.
Solid Lines on the Outside
The solid lines to the far right and left of the road represent the boundaries of the road.
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Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual

Road Lines, What do they Mean?
By: Kayla Sliger
broken line
solid line
Thanks For Watching!
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