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Hammurabi's Code

No description

Ai Kaneko

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Hammurabi's Code

What were some of his laws?
If a house collapses and the son of the owner of the house dies, then the builder of the house's son shall be put to death.
If anyone has robbed something from someone and is caught, then the robber shall be put to death.
If a son smacks his father, his hand shall be chopped off.
If a slave tells his master "You are not my boss.", then the master shall cut his ear off.
If a man strikes a man of a higher class, he shall get whipped 60 times.
Toutant, Arnold and Doyle, Susan. Ancient World. New York: Oxford University Press Canada, 2000

Hammurabi's Code
Who was Hammurabi?
He was a Babylonian king who brought peace to Mesopotamia.
He lived from 1810 - 1750 BCE
He ruled from 1792 - 1750 BCE
He was the first king of the Babylonians
His father died when he was 18 and Hammurabi got crowned king
During his reign, the kingdom of Elam invaded and conquered the kingdom Eshnunna.
He was the first person to make a written set of laws.
Hammuuabi's Code
What was Hammurabi's Code written on?
Hammurab's code was written on a black rock called a diorite stele.
It was written in cuneiform
The diorite stele is about two feet wide and seven feet tall.
At the top of the diorite stele, there is a picture of the Babylonian Sun god giving Hammurabi laws.
Why were they developed?
Hammurabi wanted to improve peoples way of life and to make things orderly.
They were developed to encourage people to realize the power of the king.
By Ai Kaneko
How Many Laws were There?
There were laws in Hammurabi's Code.
He made laws on daily life, labour, trade and possessions.
Every law he made had a punishment.
He was a very strict ruler.
It didn't matter to Hammurabi how poor or rich you were, if you broke his laws you would be punished.
But most of the time, if you were rich, you could get away with crimes.
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