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Book Report - Eye of the Crow

No description

Sanjula Ganepola

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Book Report - Eye of the Crow

Summary and Main
Events Visiting Just IN JAIL Sherlock finds a newspaper that says there was a murder at night and none saw it. There is also a purse missing. They also have a suspect. While the police take the suspect, the suspect tells Sherlock that he did not do it. At the murder site,
he finds a false eye and
where the the women died
with the help of some crows.
He takes it thinking it is a clue. The police arrest Sherlock
because they think he was
involved in the murder. Irene helps
Sherlock escape. Sherlock examines the glass eye and finds
that it has a brown iris and there
are the initials L.E on the back. Sherlock sees crows following
a certain path looking for something
at the murder site. He finds what
the crows where looking for.
It was Lillie’s bracelet. He also
notices someone watching him. Sherlock meets her mother
without the police seeing and
asks her to look for someone
with one eye. Sherlock finds the message
“Beware Jew” in blood
where he slept. He worries
about Irene and his parents Sherlock’s mom gives
him note with 4
addresses of people
that only have one eye. Sherlock finds her
mom died because
a man named J.T.R,
the guy who lives at
the 4th address, gave
her a poison. Sherlock gives all his clues to the police and they let him and Mohammad free. They police then catch the really criminal. But in the newspaper, Sherlock name was not mentioned at all. The police took all the credit. Irene gets attacked
by the same guy that
was watching Sherlock
before. She gets
hurt very bad. Sherlock goes to the 4th address and finds the purse with a note in the man's house. Sherlock visits the 1st, 2nd
and the 3rd address.
But they are not the
villains. By: Sanjula Ganepola Sherlock Holmes - An unusual boy who is different form other children. He is clever, logical and brave

Rose Sherrinford - The mother of Sherlock Holmes

Wilber Holmes - The father of Sherlock Holmes

Lillie Irving - A women that was murder

Mohammad Adalji - A young boy who is the suspect of murderer

Irene Doyle - A brave and unusual girl who helps Sherlock solve the mystery.

Malefactor - A gang leader and Sherlock Holmes’ rival

J.T.R. - The man who really killed Lillie Irving Characters Old Bailey Courthouse - It was where Mohammad Adalji was brought when he was caught

Bow Street Police Station - The jail Sherlock and Mohammad stayed at

The Hatter Shop - A shop in Southwark, where Sherlock lives

The Murder Site - An alleyway on Old Yard Street

Irene’s House - A mansion on Montague Street

Trafalgar Square - A busy place were Sherlock admires his surroundings Setting Where: When: Long ago in the 1867

Mostly during the afternoon and sometimes at night A women gets murdered one night and no one had seen it happen.

Mohammad Adalji is being framed for a murder that he did not commit.

The police see the suspect (Mohammad Adalji) talking to Sherlock. The police then think that Sherlock is involved in the murder. So they arrest him and put him in jail.

The internal conflict of whether he should continue the investigation after the death threat

The internal conflict of whether he should kill the murderer or not. Problems/Resolution Conclusion/ Did I Like the book This book was amazing. I would give the book a rating of 5 out of 5. This book was full of suspense and mystery. I would recommend this book to anyone. He gathers all the clues and solves the mystery and captures the real murderer. He escapes out of the jail with help of Irene Doyle by making a key out of porridge. He decides to continue with the investigation because he wants justice to be served. He decides not to kill the murderer because he knows that he would be called a killer too and his mom wouldn't have wanted him to commit the same crime.
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