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Chapter 17

Challenges for health operations management and change management

Loes Clephas

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 17

Health OM Concepts
Chapter 3 Unit Logistics
Chapter 4 Chain Logistics
Chapter 5 Framework for
Hospital Production
Chapter 6 Case Studies
Chapters 7-16 Health OM Challenges
Chapter 17 Domein van het algemene operationele management Domein van de gezondheidszorg Definition Health OM: Planning Analyse Design Control Klant Provide service to Relationship between every step in the process and resources which are required between different steps in the process. Distinguish between different types of:
- Operation
- Processes
- Resources Problems approached as:
- Unit Logistics Problem
- Chain Logistic Problem
ADVISE: NETWORKAPPROACH Brought together in Beschrijft de manier waarop ziekenhuizen
gecoordineert moeten worden Kan gebruikt worden als
referentie framework Input WELKOM ALLEMAAL
Challenges for health operations management and change management BEDANKT VOOR JULLIE AANDACHT
SUCCES MET JULLIE TENTAMENS Input Future challenges More complex Beyond boundaries Develop frameworks Transparency Different actors with other interests Service <-> efficiency Short term at operational level <-> Long term interests at strategic level Ownership problem Balance between supply and demand Change mindsets of actors Shift from positional to transactional leadership Coordination at al levels Involvement Balance between pain and gain
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