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Paul Pourtoy

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Viadeo

I. The company: from Agregator to Viadeo
1. The origins
2. Main figures
3. The international expansion

II. Viadeo vs LinkedIn: fighting the titan
1. LinkedIn: the figures
2. Communication strategies
3. Development strategies

III. Viadeo's strategy regarding LinkedIn hegemony
1. Investing in developping countries
2. A « multi local » strategy

2002 : foundation of Agregator (a platform to share investment founds).
2004 : creation of Viaduc
2007 : "Viaduc" became "Viadeo"
I. The company: from Agregator to Viadeo
III. Viadeo's strategy regarding Linkedin hegemony
Looking for an internship? Get on Viadeo
I. The company: from Agregator to Viadeo
II. Viadeo vs LinkedIn: fighting the titan
The international expansion
Main figures: the company
I. The company: from Agregator to Viadeo
2007 : acquisition of Tianji (China)
2008 : acquisition of ICTnet (Spain and South America)
2009 : acquisition of Apnacircle (India) and Unyk (Canada)
2011 : joint venture with Sanoma (Russia)

BRIC: high market-growth potential
+500k new chinese members each month
The origins
1. The Linkedin superpower
2. Communication strategies
Dan Serfaty
Thierry Lunati
Today, 60 million users :
year of the Initial Public Offering in Euronext (Paris)
offices worldwide :
London, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Beijing, New Delhi, Mexico City, Montreal and San Francisco
in Paris
million USD of revenue (2013)
million USD fund raised in 2012
million subscribers - Mostly in North America, Commonwealth members and Southern Asia
age limit on LinkedIn, lowered from 18 years old
LinkedIn creation
III. Viadeo's strategy regarding Linkedin hegemony
If you can dream it, you can accomplish it.
Forcément sur Viadeo
Viadeo investing in strategic Countries
Viadeo in China
- 600 million internet users in China

- 80% of them access internet on smartphones

- Acquisition of Tianji, local social network : 20 million users : 1/3 of viadeo members

- Linkedin : waited 2014 to settle in China : 5 million users only
What do you think?
Viadeo in Africa
- Settlement in Morocco (1 million Viadeo users out of 13 Million moroccans)

- Settlement in Senegal : opening to central african countries
Viadeo in Russia
- 60 million internet users (growth of 10% per year
- 10,4 hours/month on social networks
- 2nd language online
- Joint venture with Sanoma independent media wich publishes several magazines

3. Some hope for Viadeo
annual revenue
net revenue
Business model more efficient
2) A « multi local » strategy

LinkedIn aims monopoly:
focused on free and easy to surf access rather than premiums subs.
20% in 2013
"Verify profile" option in China
- Trust and confidence issues

- Viadeo adapts itself
Viadeo tries to be part of the employment local scene

- Partnerships with employment agencies

- Partnerships with local communication agencies
Is it a fatality to see European groups collapse against high tech american giants? Nokia (bought by Microsoft) - Dailymotion (compared to Youtube)

Is the “same size fits all” a smart strategy? Is it relevant to take cultural differences into account today? Do you believe in “americanization”?

Do you agree with the 13 yo age limit on LinkedIn?
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