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Project #3

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Transcript of Project #3

Final Project: Lemonese Creole
Word and Expressions

General Objective:
Analyzing the words and phrases that have been transmitted from generation to generation in the Lemonese Creole Dialect and their use in context.

Jamaican Creole

Raildroad workers


Words and Expressions
Wen yu smahl
Fos tym
Daz it
Dat tym
Dier did rof

List of words and expressions
Mark the words and expression they know
The use in context

The language in terms of vocabulary
Possible changes in words and expression
Reasons for the changes
 Why do you considered these words have been replaced?

Adrian Montoya
Cristian Calderón
Jonathan Valverde

 They have been replaced with the correct English language.
Because they are many people that rather prefer to speak the correct English language.
Some words have been changing because the influence of the others cultures.
Funeral: Paty, Plantain tort, Mondongo soup, beverage (surrel).

Birthday: Paty, Plantain tort, rice and beans, rondon, sorrel.

Weddings: Rice and beans, Paty, Planton.

The words and expressions transmitted from generation to generation in the Limonese Creole have been less frequent used by younger speakers.
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