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Globalization Of FastFood

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charles ballour

on 3 May 2012

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Transcript of Globalization Of FastFood

Globalization of Fast food Statistics fast food makes you gain weight rapidly. Within five days,morgan spurlock gained nearly 10 pounds. Today there are 100 million overweight or obese Americans (60% of adults and 37% of children) Is globalization of fast food good for the world? No!!! because..... it negitively impacts the world. also it made the u.s one of the fastest countries on this rock we call earth. The top five beef packers controlled about 25% of the market, today the top four beef packers control more than 80% of the market In the 1970s There were thousands of slaughterhouses producing the majority of beef sold. Today we olny have three slaughterhouses in 1972 the FDA conducted 50,000 food safty in spections in 2006 the FDA conducted olny 9,164 Farming The average chicken farmer invests over 500,000 and makes only 18,000 a year 30% of the land in the u.s. is used for planting corn food inc. Drastic Change The average 12 year old was 96 pounds in 2000 The average 12 year old today is 120 pounds then Now + Cattle fed on a heavy diet of corn will eventually become sick and die cattle are usally fed a heavy diet of corn GROSS: So the cow now is eating corn instead of eating grass. Its stomach is made for digesting grass and turning it into protein. Cattle Corn Corn-fed beef is often deemed as unhealthy, since it is high in saturated fats and low in omega-3s(fatty acids). Corn-fed beef is often blamed for increased obesity in people as well as heart disease and diabetes. WHAT! most fast food spots use corn fed beef.
so when you eat A&W,Arby's,Wendy's or Mcdonald's you have increased the risk of heart disease and diabetes. And we feed this stuff to children SMH. So why Do We Still Eat It. :king corn because its convient and cheep also theres millions of places that you can get it. would you rather cook dinner or go to a drive thru and be done for the night. sorce 1 sorce2 source 3
FAST FOOD NATION McDonald's feeds more than 46 million people a day - more than the entire population of Spain One in every three children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime In 1991 only four states had obesity rates of 15% or higher, today only 37 states do Mc-cola source:4 Coca-Cola originally included coca derivatives such as cocaine in their sodas, which at the time was not illegal. It was originally served as a “brain tonic and intellectual soda fountain beverage.”e Today, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo products are sold in every country in the world, except North Korea North Korea is one of the few countries where Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola are not readily available THANKS FOR WATCHING BY: charles ballour
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