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12 Zodiac Signs in John Gardner's Grendel

No description

Diego Berrios

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of 12 Zodiac Signs in John Gardner's Grendel

Its symbol represents the ram which Grendel encounters.
The animal is the Bull.
A bull attacks Grendel in the second chapter
Taurus are described are loyal to a cause
Grendel Remains loyal to his mother
Gemini characterized by duality
Geminis' minds are in constant turmoil
Grendel after comparing Shaper's story to actual history
"I feel
Instinct to protect yourself from outside world
Pursues security
A Cancer is imaginitve, protective, poetic-minded
They also are unrealistic, stubborn and motherly
Seen in Chapter 4
Gustavo Acosta
Diego Berrios
Javier Feliciano
Prof. Vilma Córdova

12 Zodiac Signs in John Gardner's

Arrogance causes harm to oneself
"I Love"
Seen in chapter 5.
Gold is color and stone of Leo.
A sign of fire.
The Dragon surrounds himself in Gold.
The Dragon is arrogant and short-tempered.

This causes one to be agressive
An Aries is bold, adventerous and competitive
They are naïve, impulsive, thoughtless and primitive
Grendel has all of these characteristics
"We Have"
Scorpions are extremely territorial.
Known as rebellious and self centered.
Hrothulf is introduced in chapter 8.
Hrothulf wants the throne to himself.

"We are"
Sign of conciliation and balance
They are pacifist, light-hearted, nice, sweet, seductive
They also are indecisive, hesitant and insensitive
Seen in Chapter seven
Represented by Beowulf
Mother alludes to him "Warrovish"
Pisces wipe out any conflict they face
Pisces considered opposite of Virgo
Beowulf possessed a fish's swimming ability.
Beowulf kills Grendel in Chapter 12.
John Gardner's Grendel
Its animal symbol is the goat which Grendel encounters
They are cold, persistent and cautious
Also they are skeptical, realistic, unpleasant and ruthless
Seen in Chapter 10
Virgo represented by Unferth and Grendel
Virgos tend to be perfectionists and narrow-minded
Unferth sought to be the perfect hero
Unferth repeatedly tries to reclaim honour
Virgos tend to be analytical and honest
Grendel analyzes (make sense) everything and speaks truth
Sagittarius represented by Ork, personality-wise
Sagittarius tend to be idealistic and zealous
Ork believes that Grendel is the Destroyer
Archer is literal representation of Sagittarius

Described as people who show interest in life.
Grendel is constantly trying to find a meaning to life.
Aquarius aim at taking roles in human communities
Grendel assumes the role of the destroyer.
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