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Vincent van Gogh

No description

Rachel Herrig

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh
Early Life
Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist born in 1853. His father was a minister and mother was a "moody artist".
"They wanted to add their own new ideas to art. They began to try new subjects, techniques, perspectives, and shapes to express their thoughts and emotions in art."

The Starry Night

What characteristics of Post-Impressionism do you see in The Starry Night?

Van Gogh was a Post- Impressionist. He suffered with mental illness in his life. He was poor his entire life and his work wasn't recognized until he had died (1890, age 37)
Vincent van Gogh's life was tragic and catastrophic. From failed loves and careers, poverty, mental breakdowns, and asylum stays he was a tortured artist. Some believe it is what made it art great.
Does certain artwork make you feel different emotions?
If so...you can partly thank
Vincent van Gogh
In constrast, Impressionists were realistic and about the present
Van Gogh used his art to make the invisible visible and provides different perspectives
What influence did the video say Vincent van Gogh have on artists and culture today?
What do you think
Vincent van Gogh is communicating?
What are the goals of the color, lines, and shapes in the paintings we looked at?
Van Gogh has inspired today's artists and our culture
How did Vincent van Gogh inspire these paintings?
Our culture is full of different perspectives. Artists create work that is full of emotions, their thoughts, and how they see the world.
Now it's your turn!


Created by Rachel Herrig
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