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Paula - Pinguin the Penguin

Created by a student. Fantasy story.


on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Paula - Pinguin the Penguin

The One and only. Goes to visit the land of his spirit ancestors. He passes many obstacles. And discovers the secrets of love.
This is Pinguin. He is small, agile and creative. Very smart, even though he does not show it, and full of imagination (maybe a little to much). His Clan thinks he is dim witted and useless. Pinguin wants to show them he is not. He is ready to have the adventure of his life.
No crossing to other Clan Boundaries
If the deputy dies, the new one has to be announced at moonhigh
Gatherings are to be held in peace
No eating before your Clan has had their fill
No hunting or else in other Clan territory
Obey anything IcefireClan tells you
No helping other Clan penguins in any way
Crossing to other Clan territory only if going to Highstones or for very emergent and alarming news
One penguin from a clan with a penguin from another clan can have young but need to devide them equally between each clan
If a penguin really wants to, it can move to another Clan and never come back to it's old one unless emergent emergency reasons
Warrior Code
Ch. 1 (AirClan, Pomflip)

Ch. 4
Oh, who to tell, who to tell,
Pomflip thought to herself. She knew the dream came from IcefireClan, but she had to follow the warrior code if she was to be a warrior. She could tell their medicine penguin, Leafglide or her leader, Blueheart. No, no, no but who? Finally she got it. It was right in front of her nose! Her one and only prized brother, Pinguin! Everyone thought he was dim witted and useless but he was her life! The next Gathering was tomorrow!
She still did not understand Gatherings. Her mentor, Divepool, always said the same thing. Meetings that were held every moonhigh (full moon), that were to be held in peace, made decisions and were updated about other Clans.
On her first gathering as an apprentice, her heart sang to a medicine penguins apprentice, Seaflip. He was so bold, so significant to her. Pomflip let out a sigh. If only he would notice her. If only. Her ifs had to wait now.
"Pomflip!" cried the furious Divepool, that had been calling her for an early training session more times that she was actually supposed to, when she, lost in her thoughts, had been literally deaf.
Pomflip quickly slid down the apprentices' tunnel, for she knew that when Divepool was angry, he meant business.
The ancestor spirit penguins sat by a shallow pool.
"Dear ancestors and spirits of the IceFireClan. We have come in our meeting for an important mission. It is time some of our youngsters of the real world had a mission. Their lives will be risked in various situations, but I feel their itch for an adventure. We will send them to the realms of our secret world for them to fetch the water of health for their families and to see some of the troubles of their Clan in the future for them to advise their leader. Any one with me please say yes." said the leader of the spiritual group, a wise, tall, good looking young male.
"Yes" replied the group in chorus.
"But," cried an elder, "who of the youngsters will go?"
"That is a question I will let your leaders answer," replied the leader. With hesitation he added, " But I have chosen one. Pinguin."
"Why him?" they cried, anxious looks spreading on their faces. Murmers were heard.
"Because I have figured out why he is so dim witted and useless. In his dreams he imagines himself on a journey where he is very helpful and everyone loves him. Adding to that, I will let the choosing begin. Our clan leaders will decide who will go on their journey. All except the PolarClan which I have chosen already. We need to keep in count that others will be accompaning them , either friend or family for they fear what might happen to them. We will see who goes. Leaders please step up and choose." As the leader finished he stepped back into the darkness, where many ladies stood, trying to flirt with him.
Three leaders strolled up. All were pretty females.
"I, as leader of AirClan choose Pomflip, that even though apprentice, is a great penguin." said the tallest.
"I, as leader of Iceclan declare Penny, a brave warrior." repeated the prettiest.
"I, as leader of FishClan declare a medicine penguin apprentice, Seaflip for coming in handy always." said the most suspicious, but then realized she had no other choice.
The last words of the leader were "I feel a love potion stirring up,"
At that time, the dream was finished, and four penguins awoke with a start.

"Oh, oh, oh" Seaflip muttered to himself. He was secretly in love with Pomflip, an AirClan apprentice. He normaly said 'Oh, oh, oh' when he was thinking of Pomflip. Her bright brown eyes, her glowing pelt, her fainting smile.
But now it meant trouble. The youngest of his three brothers, Brookflip, had a very, very bad disease. Silverstream, the Clan medicine penguin, said that Brookflip would live as any normal penguin but with the sickness if someone did not fetch him a magical water called Skyblue.
Was this the water my dream talked about?
Seaflip stopped in his tracks as he wondered. He would think of that later. Right now, he ought to go see Silverstream, to see what she thought because she was also his mentor. Seaflip had already told her about his dream, and about the decition he, Pomflip (sigh), Pingun, and Penny had made. They would meet at Four Icebergs at dawn the day before halfmoon.
Back again to his brother, he had caught a rare sickness: IceFirecough. As we said before, it is only cured by Skyblue. IceFirecough is when a penguin forgets everything, gets a non~killing fever, and occationally gets possesed by evil forces. IceFirecoughf is an infection thought impossible for the penguins.
"Seaflip!" cried an anxious sounding Silverstream. "Hurry!" and off Seaflip went, not aware of the problems awaiting.

Pomflip and Seaflip ( in their imagination):

Pinguin the Penguin
By: Paula
This is Penny. She is very pretty, small, kind, and agile. She over flows with energy. Her biggest dream is to fly. But, Penny is tired of her home and is desperate to go into the outside world.
PolarClan Territory
AirClan Territory
IceClan Territory
FishClan Territory
Oh, yes,
Pinguin thought
today is a Gathering!
He had to tell his sister Pomflip, of his dream! And he also had to tell her his suspicions about why he and an IceClan penguin had different genre names. His was not like Divepool, Strongpelt, or Morningglow. He was Pinguin, and the IceClan penguins name was Penny.
Mabey bacause of our names we have been chosen?
Penguin wondered. He kept on wondering
Mabey we will meet?
Oh, if only everyone did not think me so unworthiless, oh, if my dreams came true? What is so wrong about loving
Erin Hunter
Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling
, or
Sabrina Starr
Jane Penderwick
Well at least Pomflip adores him, loves him and she is perfect.
He also had to make sure all the chosen had gotten the same dream.

Oh my, how happy Pomflip must be, but she must have not heard that Seaflip was also chosen, cause she would be going nuts. What might she be thinking?
Pinguin thought with logic.
Is Pomflip okay?
Pinguin decided he would go hunt for the Clan, so he would be worth something.
Suddenly a commotion broke the silence. The good thing was, that Pinguin had no part in it, like he usually did.
Spottedice and Whitepatch were glaring at each other, a crowd of penguins surrounding them.
"YOU!" Spottedice screeched.
"YOU!" Whitepatch roared.
They both narrowed their eyes so they were stilts.
"What happened to my egg?" Spottedice sneered, "I saw you take it."
"Give me the proof," Whitepatch challenged.
"I saw you," Spottedice flexed her muscles. "take my egg."
"That is no proof. Who else saw it? Huh? Whitepatch faced the crowd. "Anyone?" All shook their heads.
"YOU!" Spottedice shrieked, throwing Whitepatch off the cliff. But, putting her weight forward, Spottedice also fell down, down,down.
Unexpectantely, two AirClan warriors swooped up, one with Spottedice and one with Whitepatch.
Polarclans' leader, Softheart had just been informed about the happened.
" Everyone that can hunt its own prey please come to a Clan meeting." she said from the Highrock a tall, bare, gray rock, easy to climb for a penguin. Penguins were grouped infront, for Softheart and the Clan deputy, Strongpelt, were on the top. Softheart went on , "We have to give our Clan troublemakers a severe punishment for fighting each other for no reason. You two will be apprentices that work together in every order till halfmoon, and you will miss the Gathering tonight. As apprentices, you will not go out of camp unless they order you to. Instead you are to do the needs of elder, warriors and medicine penguins of our Clan. You will obey their orders. Also you will sleep in the apprentices den, which will do you no harm. You now owe AirClan a favor. How will you do that? Both of them shrugged their shoulders. Softheart sighed. Meeting closed."
Ch. 3
Penny scurried to her sister from her own Clan, to tell her about her miraculous dream at the time they were at the Gathering. The air shifted with billowing scents from other clans. They were closer than other kin because their parents ended up in IcefireClan when both were young.. She would help her.
"Spottedflip!"Penny called to a pretty penguin holding flippers with a young male. They were murmering to each other, eyes locked, entranced. Spottedflip finally glanced around to see who was calling her. "Over here!"
"What do you need? I have told you Gatherings are for other Clans too." She gazed at the male she had been with. "Specialy with medicine penguin apprentices." Spottedflip sighed, lovingly. She turned to Penny, a sister glitter gllowing sympatheticly in her eyes, mixed with another Penny yet had to wait to understand. "Now hurry up, because I need to get back to Silverheart".
" IneedtotellyoumydreamsoIknowifitistrueandtoseewhatIhavetodonext! Youcanseeifthereisasymbol!" cried Penny in exctitment.
'Wow, sis slow down. Repeat. Slooooooooooooowly." Spottedflip grinned a fishy smile.
On and on she babbled about her dream. When Penny finally finished, Spottedflip thought, a wise glimmer in the deep pools of her huge eyes.
At last, Spottedflip said "You are to ask the other chosen if they got the dream. If they did, then you are to organize the time and date you will meet here, at Four Icebergs. IcefireClan will do the rest. They will give you clues of what to do and where you will go, and you will be safe in their flippers. Always rememberthe saying I tought you. 'Real penguins aren't perfect, and perfect penguins aren't real.'" With that, she slid to Silverheart.
The land of IceFireClan:
The Northern Lights

Ch. 5
As it turned out, Divepool had only been tricking Pomflip about his anger, two days ago, a day before a gathering. Two days have pased. Two sundowns. Two. T. Pinguin had been keeping in touch with Pomflip by the seagull, Bittersweet. If Pomflip was in a patrol, she declared she was going to catch her since Pomflip had brocken into a famous look when penguins saw she was the best bird catcher in their land. She could catch at least 20 in a sunrise to a sundown. Pomflip thought all this while she hunted, a pile of clean pelicans at her side. Pomflip had also discovered that when she killed, it was very neat, not a drop of thick blood in sight. Bittersweet came, carring a packet of 2 peices ofdried white oak and a dyed peace of pine bark, all made into a packet with a delicate sap. As she opened one of the barks, there was a message from Pinguin. In a uneat scribble there was printed:


Bittersweet gave Pomflip the other oak peice and the pine. Pomflip reasponded:

Mother also has IceFirecough. The only way to cure it is with Skyblue. Seaflip told me all his family has it, and Skyblue is the water our dream taked about. Tomorrow is the day before halfmoon! Get ready! Seaflip and me are finally together. I hear Penny is a beautiful penguin.
Her flipper throbbed as she wrote the last words.
I'll see you tomorrow! Pomflip

Pomflip slid her note to Bittersweet and said thank you. She gave the seagull a peice of dried nut as a prize. "Caw!Caw!" cried the smal bird. Suddenly, Pomflip remembered something.
"BITTERSWEET!" the white dot stopped flying and dove back. "Do you want to come to our journey? With us, I mean."
"Thank you very much, Pomflip. I accept the offer. I will be ready tommorrow at dawn." Glancing at Pomflip, she quickly added, "Oh, am I sorry. I can read. I just could not help reading your writing, although iit took long to figure Pinguin's."
Colored pink she went off, leaving Pomflip openmouthed, staring into the space Bittersweet had dissapeared. Oh, she could not wait for tommorow.

As Pinguin was coming to the river he thought he heard an admiring murmer from the IceClan border. He was not completely useless and dim-witted, for he had a keen sense of smell and could indentify it's purpose and feeling. Not many people knew this 'bout him, only the chosen. Pinguin was out hunting for his father who had ordered him to. He dippedhis body in the water and caught two fish that litteraly swam into his mouth. He hurried, not stopping to enjoy his surroundings. Pinguin told his father he was going to investigate something, (which his father of course said yes to without questioning) , and glided off to the Four Icebergs. His adventures were finally about to begin, right there, where Pomflip and Seaflip were cuddling, and Penny gazing at him with something he coud not indentify in her eyes. Pinguin gazed back, responding to her green stare. He shook his head,
we just can't love each other yet
, he thought, i
t is to early.
Ch. 7
Penny gasped. She stared at Pinguin thinking,
Friend or foe? Mabey even more than a friend?
But, as Pinguin got closer, he was heading directly for Seaflip, fury blazing in his eyes like a growing fire.
When Pomflip strolled away to talk to Penny, he threatened to Seaflip, "Be carefull about how you treat my sister, but do it your own way."
All this was wached by the agile eyes of Penny.
Seaflip wobbled to Pomflip
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