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EngagedX - the index for social impact investment


Karl H Richter

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of EngagedX - the index for social impact investment

The world's first financial index for impact investing Dr Rupert Evenett & Karl H Richter Founders & Joint Chief Executives " Investors love an index We need improved
investment statistics improve benchmark data of social investments help mature an emerging market help attract more institutional capital echoed by : ... & others ! Aggregated data What are the benefits ? What data will Financial data - not impact data directly
... and will link to impact data To bring ... because it helps them get their arms around a market " 1. 2. 3. reflect values of social sector address investor needs include experience of
existing practitioners Mainstream
markets have How do we open up
social investment to
mainstream capital markets How do social investors access market data ? Institutional investors and wealth manages tell us they need aggregated benchmark data about the market + ... we need an index more retail products

index tracking funds

exchange traded funds (ETFs) (compliance requirements & fiduciary duties) essential enabling infrastructure to help the market mature is a social enterprise by the social sector
for the social sector live time series about the social impact investment market financial data

benchmark data

relative data captures a "premium return" market
... social return & financial return risk help define the terms for social sector so both can understand and feel part of
the social impact investment market return "implied social return" global capital markets & collect ? 1. Principal (amount actually invested) Return (yield + capital appreciation) Maturity (duration to redemption / exit) Risk (actual right-offs / defaults) Product type (equity, debt, quasi-equity, mezzanine) Stage of venture (start-up, mature, refinance etc) Purpose (asset purchase, secured, not asset backed, working capital) Sector (e.g. health, affordable housing, education, sustainable energy) 2. Geography (post code - CRA type data) Social prospectus (theory of change) Measurement type (self assessed or independent etc) Metric (which metric is used) Score (result of impact measurement) 3. anonymised
standard capital markets approach
independently collated
analytics and data visualisation Collaborative
"open source" is a social asset Scalable geographically : EU & globally
existing SME sector
other investments & credit not currently classified as social investments Catalyst for investment indices stimulate capital flows Definition Transparency Supports product development retail products
index tracking funds
ETFs "asset class" & distinctive capital market
size, momentum, performance
for journalists, analysts, politicians etc real risk & return (financial)
plus implied social return London / EU domicile recognised financial centre
alignment with UK & EU policy more ... What next ? 2012 - index pilot 1 2 3 2013 - index "beta" ... fully live Kick-off 8 Nov 2012 2012 - index pilot Compilation
& Analysis Index Steering
Committee 5 UK social investment funds Hosted by Corporation of London 3 Stages / Meetings Index values
+ core risk and return capture

Analysing the market sub-groups
+ social impact capture

Global consistency and capacity 2013 - launch as "beta" Social Impact Investment Asset
Class Emerging
Market ? new mainstream capital

more institutional investors To attract: to scale: social impact investment The EngagedX Index is delivered by
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