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European Footholds in South and Southeast Asia

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elizabeth braithwaite

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of European Footholds in South and Southeast Asia

European Footholds in South
and Southeast Asia

Portugal was the first European power to gain a foothold in Asia.
Before the Age of Exploration there was a rich Indian Ocean trade network that linked India, Southeast Asia, and China to East Africa and the Middle East. .
Mughal Empire
Up until the Portuguese arrival, the India Ocean Spice trade was controlled by the Muslim rulers of the Mughal empire.
A Rim of Trading Outposts
In 1510, Portugal seized Goa off the Indian coast for use as a military and commercial base.
Arab trading ports were burned and ships destroyed.
In 1511, Malacca was taken and its Muslim population massacred.

Think - Pair -Share
How did European and Asian art show the differing perspectives of Asians and Europeans meeting one another for the first time?
What was one of the main causes of European exploration?
What happened as a result of Exploration?
What country was Henry the Navigator from?
What country was Vasco Da Gama from?
What country was Ferdinand Magellan from?

In 1500's Portugal began to dominate Indian Ocean Trade Routes... Big reason why? Alfonso de Albuquerque
Alfonso de Albuquerque
was a Portuguese Captain who used military power and force in the Indian Ocean.
Why do you think Albuquerque
was able to dominate the
thriving trade routes
in the Indian Ocean?
Portugal came in and without negotiation attacked the civilizations that were already peacefully and successfully trading.
Portuguese ships were small in size and number but the firepower of their onboard cannons was unmatched, especially by the other cultures sailing in the Indian ocean at this time.
For two centuries the Mughal empire in India enjoyed peace & prosperity.
But this highly organized empire was not able to defeat the Portuguese once they arrived and they lost control of the Indian Ocean trade routes.
The Mughals had grown wealthy
on the spice trade and as leaders
in the manufacture of silk and cotton.
In less than 50 years Portugal had built a trading empire.
Portuguese military and merchant outposts rimmed the southern seas.
Primary Source
Gunfire Over Malacca, 1511

The cannon balls came like rain. And the noise of the cannon was as the noise of thunder in the heavens and the flashes of fire of their guns were like flashes of lightning in the sky: and the noise of their matchlocks [guns] was like that of groundnuts [peanuts] popping in the frying pan (Qtd. in Ellis and Esler 95).

What can you learn about the difference between European and Asian weaponry from the above account?

Take out your homework questions from Ch 14, Section 3. Compare your answers with your partner – do you agree? Did one of you go into greater detail? Are there any misconceptions your partner has?
Try and help one another.
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