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How to Drive a Car.

No description

Ian Hoo

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of How to Drive a Car.

Step 4
Adjust the seat position forward enough to allow you to press the clutch pedal (the left pedal, next to the brake pedal) fully to the floor with your left foot.
Once you have mastered it, driving a car is fun. Just practice a lot and enjoy.
Step 1.
Try to get on level ground.
Step 2.
Identify the pedals.
Step 3.
Learn what the clutch does.
Step 5.
Press the clutch pedal and hold it to the floor.
Step 6.
Move the gear shift knob to neutral.
Step 7.
Start the engine with the key, making sure to keep the clutch pedal held to the floor.
Step 8.
Once the engine is started, you can remove your foot from the clutch pedal (as long as it is in neutral).
Step 9.
Press the clutch to the floor again and move the gear shift knob to first gear.
Step 10.
Slowly lift your foot up from the clutch pedal until you hear the engine speed begin to drop, then push it back in.
Step 11.
In order to get moving, lift your foot up from the clutch pedal until the RPMs (revs) drop slightly and apply light pressure to the accelerator (GAS).
Step 12.
When driving, when your RPM reaches about 2500 to 3000, it is time to shift into second gear.
Step 13.
Push down on the gas very slightly and slowly release the clutch pedal.
Step 14.
Once in gear and on the gas you should completely remove your foot from the clutch pedal.
Step 15.
When you have to stop, release right foot off accelerator to the brake pedal and press down as much as required and as you slow to about 10 mph you will feel the car about to start shaking and vibrating.
How to Drive a Car.
Speaker: Julius Ceasar Ian D. Calimpong
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