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AP English Power Point Over Literary Device : Apostrophe

Keyana Bourda

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Apostrophe

A figure of speech that directly addresses an absent or imaginary person or personified abstraction, such as liberty or love. The effect may add emotional intensity. Apostrophe Apostrophe in Poetry: Ode Example: Ode To English Class
by Unknown [uh-pos-truh-fee] Origin : from Greek "apostrophE"meaning "a turning away" Dramatic Example :
In the famous "Balcony Scene" from William Shakespeare's play " Romeo And Juliet" Juliet looked off into the sky and said:
"Romeo oh Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo..."
This quote is an Apostrophe because Juliet doesn't know Romeo is in the bushes watching her. Juliet is just talking to the sky expecting a reply from Romeo, which won't happen because the sky doesn't reply and the sky is not Romeo. Apostrophes are found from Movies to Poetry. Anywhere speech is directed towards something inanimate and can't actually hear or reply back is an apostrophe.

Using this literary device can be very helpful when you're trying to portray/give an insight to what is really going on and what a character really wants. Apostrophe used in A Nursery Rhymes Or Song: Apostrophe used in Play writing: Explanation.. This Nursery Rhyme creates the image of a child looking up and talking to a star in the sky. But, the star is an inanimate object which won't reply back to the child. Odes contain a great amount of apostrophes because when odes are focused towards objects, those objects really don't have emotions for themselves in which the author writes them to have. "Oh English class, I adore thee
Your knowledge is bound in pages
Passed down through the books we cherish
Through the years and ages....." The poet talking to his/her English Class like it has an emotion. Creating apostrophe because English Class has no emotion to it. Apostrophe In A Movie: Cinematic Example: In the Movie "Cast Away" , actor Tom Hanks talks to an imaginary friend which is a volleyball named Wilson.
This is an example of apostrophe because Wilson is an inanimate object.
This can also get confused with personification but Wilson never spoke back .
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