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My Magazine Proposal

No description

Caroline Lederle

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of My Magazine Proposal

Magazine Proposal
My extras would be dragon themed games and quizzes, recipes for cute dragon cupcakes, and fun dragon crafts.
Target Audience
My target audience is teenage girls between the ages of thirteen and sixteen who are interested in dragons.
I would use advertisments for Netflix, pintrest, and Kindle Fires.
My title would be The Dragon Wing Messenger.
My articles would include an interview with best-selling author Christopher Paolini, an article about different dragons across the world, and an article about whether or not dragons are real.
I am working alone on this project, and I will make sure that I work hard in class, and not waste my time.
Why It Stands Out
It will stand out because it will be the only magazine about dragons.
What Makes It Interesting
It would be interesting to people who like to use their imaginations and learn facts about dragons.
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