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Main Idea

The author's most important point

Jennifer Massie

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Main Idea

In clear communication:
Identifying the main idea is the most important of all the reading skills
Key Words
can help
*Easily recognizable verbal clues

List Words
several ways of…
several causes of…
some factors in…
various reasons for…

Addition Words
first of all
in addition
Topic is the general subject of the writing piece
One word or short phrase
Ask yourself ‘who’ or ‘what’ the selection is about

TV Violence (topic)
It is now known that TV violence affects people negatively. (main idea)

main/general idea
is supported by specific ideas

Television violence affects people negatively.
more fearful and suspicious of others
less upset about real-life violence
increases aggressive behavior in children
The main idea can be anywhere within a paragraph. Often it is at or near the beginning. It also appears in the middle. However, as in a thesis statement, it may be at the end of a paragraph. Main ideas can also be mentioned at the beginning and then repeated or restated at the end. Finally, some main ideas are implied rather than stated; you may have to look harder for these.
Location, location, location
Controlling/Main Idea
The Main Idea
is the author’s general point.
The author's point
Supporting details
To find the main idea, look for
General vs Specific ideas
Key words
Main Idea:
An example is the Toyota Prius.
Economy cars get good gas mileage.
Supporting Detail
Topic = Cars
General or Specific?
General vs. Specific

Writers and Speakers Readers and Listeners
Make a point
Recognize the point
Support the point
Recognize support for
the point
Topic: Cars
Main Idea: Economy cars get good gas mileage.
Supporting Idea: An example is the Toyota Prius.
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