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1934, Urey, Deuterium

Shin Eun-su

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of 110513Seminar

Nobel Prize
in Chemistry 1934
Common Moderators
- Graphite, Light water, Heavy water

Heavy water
: Do NOT require enriched uranium
(Light water must use enriched uranium)
Nuclear reactor overheating
Harold C. Urey
Chemist at Columbia University.
"Discovery of isotope of Hydrogen"
In late 1931
Mass spectrometer could NOT find.
1. Evaporation
2. Triple point
Concentrated Deuterium at H triple point
Urey's Prediction
Chemical, physical atomic weight scale Study of H
Isotope of H might be PRESENT!
Ordinary H
Evaporated sample
Separation of the isotope ( Lab scale)
Industrial scale(2H, 10B, 235U)
World War II
G.N Lewis
Pure deuterium oxide
(Electrolytic method)
Deuterium oxide Electrolyzer
Nobel Prize_
The most outstanding discoveries
Dec. 1931 ~ Dec. 1934
Just 3 years
over 200 papers
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Practical application
Indicator (metabolic processes)
Nuclear fusion(with tritium)
Thank you for your kind attention
Deuterium chromatogram
"for his discovery of heavy hydrogen".
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