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No description

Cody Ritter

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Germany

By The One And Only Cody Ritter
Berlin Is The Capital of Germany
Did you know that Berlin is six
hours ahead of us?
In Germany they drink a lot of beer, in fact they consume the second most beer, and of course first is Irish
The largest economy in
Europe is Germany.
Can you believe that there
is over 300 different kinds
of bread in Germany?
In 1916 Germany was the first country
to adopt Daylight Savings Time.
98% of Germans
have cell phones
We should all take some time now and praise
We should all take some time now and
praise that a German invented Gummy Bears.
"German is the third most commonly
taught language worldwide"
Over 100 million people speak German
"There are over 150 castles in Germany"
The Neuschwanstein Castle was only open to the
public, 7 weeks after the death of King Ludwig the
second in 1886
Word Cited Page
As of July 2012 the population of Germany is 81,305,856
The population growth of Germany is -0.2%
If you didnt know that Germany is on the continet of
Europe by now, then you just learned a super-duper cool fact
The green part of the map is Europe. The
dark green is Germany
Germanys government type is federal republic.
Its kind of like our government because they vote for their
represenatives , but different because the central government is
The Neushwanstein Castle is
a very popular place to visit in
The Neuschwanstein Castle was only open to the
public 7 weeks after the death of King Ludwig the 2nd
The castle was built because the king was very shy and
wanted to stay away from public life.
Berlin Wall
On August 13, 1961 the communist government began
to build the wall between East and West Berlin.

They built the wall to keep western
"fascists" from entering East Germany.
The wall stood from August 13,1961 till November 9,1989
Citizens of the GDR were now allowed to cross
the border whenever they pleased.
Residents were extremely pleased and began to chip away the wall with
spoons and hammers.
The residents were extremely
pleased and began chipping away
the wall with hammers and spoons.
As shown above a lady
is chipping away the wall.
Basically the whole entire wall
was govered by grafitti.
Romantic Road
During the middle ages Romantic Rd. was a trade
Can you believe that this
road is 300km long?
When you enter the town you
go through a arched gateway with
complete guard towers.
When you are on the rd you can tour
gothic cathedrals,half-timbered fachwerk
houses,Neuschwanstein and the Alp Castle
and finally you might even be lucky enough
to experience a medieval festival.
Boxing Day
Boxing Day is also called
the second day of Christmas.
Its a special day to attend a special church service,spend time
with family and friends,play board games, and spend some
time outdoors.
German Unity Day
Is held on October 3rd
It is held to show the anniversary of when the Federal Republic and the Democratic Republic of Germany formed together on
October 3rd,1990
On this day there is fireworks,concerts and speeches by the leaders.
"German Unity Day is a public holiday in Germany
so post offices,banks and many businesses are
Natural Resources
Natural Gas
Iron ore
Arable Land (which is land thats good
for planting and farming)
Climate-Temperate/Marine which means
that they have wet summers and winters
Land use
Historical Events
World War 2
"Hiltlers invasion of Poland in September
1939 drove Great Britian and France to
declare war on Germany, and World War
2 had begun."
This was so bad that it destroyed more land and killed more people than in any other previous war worldwide.
Its estimated that 45-60 million people were killed.
Hitler was responsible for the deaths of 6 million European Jews.
He didnt like Jews beacuse he thought that they were an "inferior race"
World War 1
World War 1 was started when someone
from Siberia killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand
It was Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire (Aka Central Powers) on one side and Great Britian, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, and the United States.
9 million were killed.
21 million were wounded.
Scientific Advantsments
Highly advanced attack submarines
This was a scientific advancement because they were now made from an electric motor which caused silent running, fast torpedo reload,were made from electric torpedos which made no bubble which enabled Germanys opponets to not know where they were located and finally they were inputted with air conditioning.
Arado 234
The Arado 234 was the first jet bomber.
The Germans also made single seat planes
and auto piliot.Auto piliot is like cruise mode on a car or bike when u just stop and it kinda goes on its own.Ever wonder where rear guns on a plane came from?Well it came from Germany.They were really fast and if you were trapped you could do the ejection seat.
Nerve Gas
"Nerve Gas caused muscle paralysis and certain death by not being able to breathe"
Artistic Traditions
Lin, Michelle "69 Fun Facts About Germany"
Confessed Travel Holic
2011-2013 Web. 31 Oct. 2013
Johann Gottfried Schadow was born on May 20,1764 and died at the
age of 85 on January 27,1850
He is best known for his marble busts.
Before he was famous he studied in Rome for 3 years
"His father was a poor tailor"
Katharina Szelinski Singe
She lived from May 24, 1918 till December 20, 2010 when she died
at the age of 92.
Did you know that Katharina studied at the Berlin Univresity of Arts?
She grew up in Neusassen, Germany
Hugo Rheinhold only lived for 47 years
Well in case you are interested he lived from March 26, 1853 till Oct 2, 1900
His most famous piece is called the Ape with Skull and is shown to the left.
The sculpture was put in the Berlin Art Exhibition in 1893.
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Vegetation: Temperate
Land use: 43% arable land
31% forestry and woodland
15% pernament pastures
11% mining
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