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TSA Future Technology Teacher

No description

Alex Chan

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of TSA Future Technology Teacher

Manufacturing Technology
Future Technology Teacher
Ewing, New Jersey
ID: 2084072
An overview of one of the fastest growing industries in the world
What is
MANUFACTURING - the production of merchandise using
technology and machinery
Goals and Objectives
- To provide students with an adequate understanding
of manufacturing concepts, processes, and machinery in
order to help students succeed in future technology jobs.
- To allow students to have the knowledge required in real
life situations and problems.
- To further strengthen students’ interests in the
manufacturing field.
- To provide students insight on the impact of
manufacturing on today’s society.
Cambridge, MA
Harvard bioengieers invent a 3D printer
that prints living tissue

Using tools and machinery...
along with technology...
to produce effective solutions to modern problems.
A Brief History
Johannes Gutenberg
Eli Whitney
Henry Ford

Printing press - mechanized printing
Interchangeable parts
Assembly line
Why is manufacturing used?
But what does
it all mean today

into finished goods
to produce goods on a large scale
to transform raw materials
Mason Wilde (16) builds an affordable 3D printed
prosthetic hand for a child born without fingers
on one hand.
Overland Park, KS
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
the use of computers to convert an initial idea into
a detailed engineering model
Today's activity
In this activity, your ability to use your
knowledge in real life situations will be evaluated.
You will break into groups of THREE and assign yourselves these roles:
PROJECT MANAGER: plans and coordinates the project
BUSINESS MANAGER: assesses costs and economic/environmental effect
PROJECT ENGINEER: decides process/procedure to carry out project
Your problem statement is located in one of your handouts.
I will be walking around the room to check on your progress.
Rapid Prototyping
the creation of a 3D prototype directly from a computer model
Robotics in Manufacturing
-accounts for 20% of
US gross domestic product
-employs 17% of US
(National Science and
Technology Council)
If you have any questions about today's lesson, feel free to contact me via:
-video chat (Skype, Google Hangout)

If you still have any questions, talk to me after class!

robots are used to ease human labor and extend human capabilities
Automated Guidance Vehicles (AGV):
robots that machine, transport,
and produce products
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