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Summarize the Main Ideas & Supporting Details in Text

Lesson 23

Stacie Garrett-Diaz

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Summarize the Main Ideas & Supporting Details in Text

Summarize the Main Ideas & Supporting Details in Text
Understand the TEKS
4.11(A) Summarize the main idea and supporting details in text in ways that maintain meaning.

Figure 19(D) Make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding.

Figure 19(E) Summarize information in text, maintaining meaning and logical order.
Words to Know
Main Idea
Supporting Details
Topic Sentence
The main purpose of informational text is to provide information.

When you read this type of text, identify the topic, the main ideas, and the supporting details.
The topic is what the article is about.
For example, the topic may be:
*life in colonial America
Main Idea of Article

of the article is the most important idea about that topic.
It's the big idea the author wants you to remember.

For example, here are some main ideas about the previous topics.
Swimming with dolphins is the experience of a lifetime.
Television can be a good tool for expanding your world.
Life in colonial America may have been hard, but kids still knew how to have fun.
Answer These...
Can two articles have the same topic but different main ideas?
Why or why not?

Can two articles have different topics and the same main idea?
An article is made up of paragraphs.
Each paragraph deals with a different part of the big topic.
Usually, each paragraph has its own topic and main idea.
These paragraphs work together to support the main idea of the article.
Main Idea of Paragraph
Sometimes the author states the main idea of a paragraph.
This statement often appears as the first sentence in the paragraph.
Sometimes the sentence that states the main idea appears at the end of the paragraph or even in the middle.
The sentence that states the main idea is called the

topic sentence
Supporting Details
An author backs up the main idea with supporting details.
These may be examples, facts, or reasons.

A good way to better understand and to keep track of what you read is to summarize.
You can summarize a paragraph, a few paragraphs, and even the entire article.
Summarize Continued...
When you summarize,
include only important ideas
important supporting ideas
leave out unimportant information
A summary is
, but it is packed full of key information.
A summary is in your
own words

Fill in a main-idea graphic organizer as you read.

Use the information you recorded to help you write a summary.
Informational Texts
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