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Aino Heiska CV


Aino Heiska

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of Aino Heiska CV

As-is To-be Work
experience Self-development Career plan What my friends think of me* *based on an online survey posted on my facebook timeline Which one of the four describes me best.. ..as a friend? They also described me as ..as a person? intelligent empathetic innovative open organized good at maintaining rapport hard-working excellent user of sarcasm Matriculation examination
Riihimäen lukio Studied marketing for one semester at Worked Saturdays at a kiosk Worked as a salesperson at Tough boss pushed me to learn a lot about customer service! I was the student representative of our class and took part in organizing senior year events Learning the basics of marketing and preparing for university studies Dropped out to fully engage in fighting for a spot at School of Economics Studies at Bachelor's studies in Business Technology, minoring in Organizations and Management Master's studies in Information and Service Management, some courses in Retail Information Technology Program 2011 Excellent learning experience! Got to design an intranet concept for a real customer company Found my passion - Enterprise 2.0 Worked as a service advisor at Returned to evening and weekend work to Responsible team work and active sales with goals, metrics and frequent training. Customer service and sales work, responsibility of cash funds, handling office routines of a small branch. Learned that your own willingness to learn can take you anywhere! Learned a lot about sales work and the retail business! Master's thesis assignment at "Cultural challenges hindering end user adoption in internal enterprise social software deployments" Timeline perseverant international goal-oriented determined Social business especially in terms of internal collaboration Crowdsourcing Employee engagement Intranets Knowledge sharing Community mgmt *Designed a social intranet concept for Finavia as ITP project *Studied the organizational challenges that affect end user adoption of internal social tools in master's thesis I want to learn all about My final framework I want a job where I can.. Learn more about project management Become an expert in social business Work with other smart and motivated people Have fun and feel appreciated help companies with strategic use of IT challenge myself and others combine different perspectives business - IT people - processes cost - value customers - employees Skills wonderful aino.heiska@gmail.com Thanks for your interest! Let's get in touch: @ainohei kind fun Aino Heiska Résumé Spring 2012 M.Sc(Econ.)
Aalto University
School of Economics think outside the box Participation openness/transparency honest nice This résumé was powered by Languages: IT: Other: Social media Minor studies Solve complex problems creatively Quick and eager to learn new skills! Organizing Social + *the fourth option was 'kind', no responses Project management user requirements definition through interviewing responsibilities in project management and communication quick learner of new software
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