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The scientific method & pendulums

No description

Taylor Gohdes

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of The scientific method & pendulums

the length affects how fast the pendulum swings
two coordinate
The graph where you record the results you found after doing multiple experiments.
The Scientific Method
1. Make an observation
2. Research
3. State a hypothesis

4. Test by conducting an experiment

analyze the results and make conclusions

6. If the hypothesis is false try again
7. If the hypothesis is true communicate results
A pendulum is a mass that swings back and forth from a fixed point.
What we tested
The Scientific Method and Pendulums
The scientific method & pendulums
By: Taylor Gohdes

standard pendulum
the standard pendulum
was exactly 38 centimeters
long and used 1 penny for a
mass. To test the standard
pendulum we had a 90
degree release point and timed
how many swings in 15 sec.
a cycle is a motion that repeats itself over and over. In our experiment the cycle was the repeated motion of swinging back and forth.
independent variable
dependent variable
The independent variable
is what you already know
before the experiment.
The x-axis on a graph.
The dependent variable
is what you found out by doing the experiment. The
y-axis on a graph.
independent variable
controlled experiment
An experiment where only one variable is changed
at a time. You can only change one at a time
because if you change more than one and the outcome is changed you wouldn't know what changed the outcome.
The Results
The only thing that affects the amount of swings
in 15 seconds was the length of the pendulum.
Changing the mass or the release point did not
affect the amount of swings in 15 seconds.
the release point
the mass
We started with the standard 38
centimeter pendulum and tested
a range of 13-200 cm pendulums.
We started with 1 penny for the mass, and when we tested the mass we used up to 4 pennies.
When we first made a pendulum we released the pendulum at a 90 degree angle and then tried it from a 45 degree angle and a larger angle.
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